Igreja do Espírito Santo do Cerrado

In English: The Holly Ghost' s Church from Cerrado

The Holly Ghost's Chruch was built in 1975. It was designed by the famous Itallian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi. The church's design is very unusual, as it is round and doesn't have a cross on top. It is consisted of three round parts, as well as an outside area. The first round building is the church itself. The second building consists of a residence for three religious women and administration room, and the third place is a palce for parties and meetings. Outside there is a football field. The church was built by the people from the community: women, children and men joined forces and worked hard on the constuction. It was built with poor material, collected from the surroundings. Although they didn't have the funds to do it, Lina, together with the community, was able to build a different and useful construction.