7 Day Trip Around Georgia!

A trip that goes through the 5 geographic regions

The Trip

The trip is going to be 7 days. It goes through the 5 geographic regions [ Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, Valley and Ridge, Appalachian Plateau, and Coastal Plain]. We will travel in the mourning to the places. We will sleep at hotels at night. The next few pages are going to tell you where you are going in the 5 regions.

Day 1- Leaving Reidsville

On day 1 we will leave Reidsville,Ga to start our trip. We will leave at Reidsville Middle School. We will go from Reidsville to Atlanta,GA.

Day 2- Piedmont, Stone Mountain and Georgia Aquarium

Stone Mountain will be our first stop. You are responsible for paying for lunch. Stone Mountain is the largest mass of granite in the world. It has a confederate memorial carved on the side of it. Stone Mountain draws approximately 4 million visitors a year.

Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world. It houses 120,000 animals. Georgia Aquarium is the only institution outside Asia to house sharks.

Day 3- Blue Ridge Mountains, Tallulah Falls and Gorge, and Lake Blue Ridge

Tallulah Falls drops 350 feet over a coarse of a mile. Tallulah Falls and Gorge is located in the town of Tallulah Falls. Tallulah Falls is located on Tallulah Gorge State Park.

Lake Blue Ridge is one of Georgia's most beautiful lakes. Its water is crystal clear and is available to swim at any time.

Day 4- Valley and Ridge, Lake Marvin

Lake Marvin is close to Sugar Valley, GA. Lake Marvin is beside John's Mountain and Chattahoochee Forest. Lake Marvin is owned by Northwest Girl Scout Council, but public can go there.

Day 5- Appalachian Plateau, Cloudland Canyon, Lookout Mountain

Cloudland Canyon is located on the west side of Lookout Mountain. It is located near Trenton, GA. Cloudland Canyon is located on Cloudland Canyon State Park. The park was established in 1938.

Lookout Mountain is located in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. Lookout Mountain is near Chattanooga, Tennessee. We will ride up the Inclined Railway which is the steepest railway in the world.

Day 6- Coastal Plain, Jekyll Island ( Summer Waves and Georgia Sea Turtle Center )

In 1886, Jekyll Island became a winter retreat for rich people, known as the Jekyll Island Club. Jekyll Island is in Glynn County. Jekyll Island has Summer Waves and Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

Day 7- Going Home

We will go home on day 7.

Total Cost

The cost of the trip is a total of $865 ( the costumer is responsible for lunch ).