For Sale: A Trip to Mars

Asking price:1 trillion dollars, $1,000,000,000,000 plus tax

This trip is available now, but not for long.

For the asking price of 1 trillion dollars plus tax, you get a trip to mars and side trips to it's moons, in a cool space craft made of a mixed alloy which mainly consist of titanium, aluminum, and magnesium and maybe some carbon fiber, a cool but not very luxurious air-tight temporary house made of the same stuff, 4 space suits that's really cool, a gun for evil aliens, and rovers that costs millions or even billions to mess around with as it wanders the terrain. Even better, we've found that theirs water there too! We guarantee that you'll have an experience that's out of this world!
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Trip for sale for $1,000,000,000,000 plus tax

Accommodations to Gaurantee Survival

The 4 space suits have to be refilled every 6.5 to 8 hours at the air-tight dome/tent house which has oxygen as well as a plantation room ,or you can do this in the little pod that came off the shuttle you arrived in. You will navigate around the planet via a nice futuristic 4 by 4 car/ATV thing. In the incident that you are attacked by evil martian aliens we have packed you a gun which may be illegal in some states but your not even going to be on earth so It doesn't really matter. Also, since gravity is weaker on Mars bullets will go faster and go longer, hitting harder, those aliens will have no chance.

This Trip Is going to be Awesome

Things You can do at Your Stay

Things include:

  • Jump really high and do cool stuff with your 20 feet or more jump height with a super slow fall time to do cool mid-air things and be the professional parkour freelancer you always wanted to be or be the super awesome world's #1 trick style NBA basketball dunker.
  • nothing
  • Walking around
  • driving around
  • playing with sand
  • playing with rocks
  • shooting martians
  • being bored
  • sleeping
  • eating
  • reading
  • going to Mars' moons, Phobos and Deimos
  • being disappointed when you realize that mars has no internet and even if it did you couldn't use it because you'd have to connect to Earth which is several thousand miles away. I mean what makes you think you'll have connection on MARS when you can't even get it where you are now. I mean even if you hypothetically could, using the same amount of data you use know it would cost enough money to buy the state you live in. That is if your one of those guys, snap-chat, Instagram, and etc. people.
  • And more!

More info

If you like the cold, great because Mars can get to -70 degrees Celsius, plenty of cold, it'll be so cold it could kill you! If you like playing with sand or dust, great too, because It is very common for dust/sand storms can happen, plenty of dust, you might even be under 10 feet of sand or dust when it's done, and if you're really lucky, when you visit Mars a huge dust storm can happen that can cover the WHOLE planet for over month in just a couple of days, you'd have so much sand to play with you won't know what to do. Also, you need to know is that Mars has no oxygen and it's air pressure is extremely low, a small cut in the suit could be fatal on Mars. The pressure is so low that without your suit the saliva and the moisture coating in your lungs will BOIL without your space suit. Also, if you're a plant person, bring ALL your plants because Mars' atmosphere is about 98-99% carbon dioxide, your plants will be in the candy shop! You like mountains, Mars has the tallest mountain in the solar system, Olympus Mons, Mars also has deep canyons , a lot of mountains, and volcanoes, and mountains, and rocks, and sand, and more rocks and sand. But if you like jumping we got a big surprise for you, you'll jump several times higher on Mars and fall down several times slower allowing you to fulfill your parkour and basketball dunking dreams.

Why it's so expensive and Is it Worth it?

Gas these days for cars are expensive, now think about that when your using gas used for SPACE that is a lot stronger and you'd be using the amount of gas you use in a year per launch. Space exploration is expensive, your package a space ship made of really expensive things (200 billion) , it includes a years worth of high-quality food(30 million), 4 of really, really, really expensive experimental spacesuits(4 billion). A 4 x 4 car that is air-tight that can drive on any terrain in space that is made to be prepared for ANYTHING(20 billion), rovers that you can completely break to disrupt NASA's data collection in which they will hold us liable for(100 billion). Trips to Phobos and Deimos which will cost more fuel(50 billion). high tech, next generation climbing gear so you can climb mountains which you really don't need since Mar's gravity is almost 3 times weaker(100 million). Several oxygen tanks so you won't die(2 million), a dome/tent house that we had to make out of some of the most expensive, hardest materials on Earth(50 billion) and more things that are totally worth it! Seems like a good deal to me. Plus, 20 feet hops, who could say no.

Galaxy Exploration

Galaxy Exploration is a fast growing interplanetary vacation trips company started in 2012. We have trips to Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. We're trying to expand our business out of this solar system too. Stay tuned because in a few years we could get you a lift to other places

(Galaxy Exploration is not liable if you suffocate to death, freeze to death, shoot yourself by accident with an unlicensed gun, run over/ hurt yourself with the car, run out of your oxygen supply, get stranded/ covered by dust in a dust storm, or if the shuttle malfunctions and crashes.)


Do not come if you...

  • are pregnant
  • are Waldo
  • have Brain disorders
  • have dangerous diseases
  • have dangerous viruses
  • and stuff