Vietnamese Immigration in MN

By Mercedes K.

Push and Pulls

The strong economy, excellent health and social services are what pull Vietnamese to Minnesota. Some even have family ties here and they say that Minnesota has a lot of friendly people.

The communism and poverty are what caused the people of Vietnam to leave. A lot of Vietnamese do not have jobs so they came to the United States to find some. They spread out in the United States, but most of them went to Minnesota.

Ravenstein's laws of migration

The Vietnamese follow under theses laws-
  • Most migrants traveling long distances usually settle in urban areas
  • Most migration occurs in steps
  • Adults 20-34
  • Rural to urban
The Vietnamese do not follow under these laws-
  • Traveled short distance
  • "Counter flow"
  • Most internation migrants are young males. While most internal migrants are female
Some of the immigrants are younger than 20, some of the younger people are in the their teens. They are going from farming in Vietnam to the bigger city's in Minnesota.

Where they live and what they do for jobs

Most of them live in Duluth, Rochester, Taylor's Falls, Marshall, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.

Some have family business, small scale farms. They also build tourism and other industries, but professionals are going into law, medicine, and non-profit management and some work in factories.