Mexican Walking Fish (Axolotl)

Holey Cows


  • 6-18 inches
  • Four different color: brown with spots, black, pink, and white
  • May regrow their entire limbs


  • The Mexican walking fish lives in lakes
  • They are native in Mexico common lakes
  • And live in fish tanks in some people's homes


  • Regenerate lost body parts
  • They are able to use lungs in shallow water
  • And gills in deep water

Food Chain

  • Food: beef, beef heart, earthworm, blood worms, brine shrimp, pellets and feeder fish
  • Swims to catch food
  • Some birds and large fish are predators to the axolotl

Reasons For Endangerment

  • Habitat being destroyed
  • Water pollution
  • Disturbance in their native habitats
  • People fish for axolotls

Critical Information

  • Mexican government has protected the area they live
  • People are buying them and taking care of them