The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

Who is Responsible for the Death of the Star Crossed Lovers?

The Horrific Deaths of Romeo & Juliet and their Mistakes

The death of Romeo and Juliet is their own unintelligent faults; however, the Capulets and the Montagues has a big part on the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The feud behind each family member could have been a huge reason that Romeo and Juliet died, but when Romeo heard that Juliet passed away, he did not take a second to take it all in. Instantly, he shot up and ran to the horse and rode all the way to Juliet, but before he rode to his wife, he bought poison to kill himself once he got there. People make their own choices and in this case, Romeo chose to buy that poison to kill himself. If Romeo would have took a moment to grief, that letter from the messenger that Friar sent to him, might have gotten to him. Then he would know, that quite clearly, his wife, is not permanently gone. As if instinct, "Romeo rushes back to Verona to see Juliet himself...he drinks the potion, kisses her, and dies next to her" (Act 5, Scene 3). The fact that Romeo does not realize Juliet's lips are not cold or pale, is all a better reason that he, himself, is responsible. The saying: Patience is Key, is not relevant to Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet's love came as quickly as lightning. And since their love came so fast and rushed, it was never going to be long-term. The play, "Romeo and Juliet" demonstrates their love "is loathsome in his own deliciousness and in the taste confounds the appetite: therefore love moderately; long love doth so; too swift arrives as tardy as too slow" (Act 2, Scene 5 & 6). Their love came so quickly, they needed to love moderately, so they can love and live long together. Romeo and Juliet both died because of their own choices, but they are together; just not alive together. Although Romeo and Juliet love was pushed and fast, it sure was unbelievable.

Loving Too Much

Beauty and the Beast has a connection with Romeo and Juliet. The beast started to develop feelings toward Belle as she stayed in the castle to make sure her father would survive. When Belle left the castle, the Beast was depressed and he wanted to give up. There was a battle that went on between beast and Gaston, because of the love of Belle. Everyone assumed the Beast was a monster as well. There was a spell put on the Beast and his castle, who was actually a prince. The beast must learn to love another and be loved back for the spell to be broken; to become a prince again. As the last petal fell of the rose, the beast dies, but Belle confesses her love for him, which in turn releases the spell. Romeo and the Beast are similar in those areas. Both Romeo and the Beast were both ready to give up their lives for their love for Belle and Juliet. Their love also risked lives in the making. Paris in "Romeo and Juliet" died, for he loved Juliet and wanted to be laid right next to her. Gaston, who loved Belle, was angered that she loved the Beast, so he went and fought him, but the Beast won, like Romeo did against Paris. The undying love each romance has, cost lives and suffering, but whether alive or not, they both ended up together.
You're a Montague; I'm a Capulet.

It is forbiden to say just one simple word.

But what if one simple word is all it takes us?

What if not even a word makes us in love?

Our families would not accept it at all

But why is it so hard to stop loving you?

I'd rather die than live without you, my love.

And why is it so?

Why would I want to take my life for my love?

I'm afraid our love is said to be toxic,

But I will be right by your side,

No matter what it will take, my Romeo.

The Montagues and Capulets are supposed to hate each other, but when Juliet and Romeo first lay eyes on each other, there was no going back. Love does not just disappear and in this case, Romeo and Juliet doesn't it want it to. Love is a simple, yet powerful thing that cannot be taken away. Romeo and Juliet loved each other. They loved each other so much, they were ready to take their own lives, just to make sure the other was happy. No matter what happened, Romeo and Juliet both knew that they would never leave each other under any circumstance, but they loved too much and too fast. The fact that they both were so quick to die proves that they loved too much and way too quickly and it is their own fault for assuming the worst and so quickly to kill themselves. Although, Romeo and Juliet had a love like no other, and so special, it was too powerful, and it killed lives.