Online Storage Solutions

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Online Storage Solutions

Do you need to access your work files while at home or on the go?

Online (Cloud) storage maybe be the solution to your file storage problems. USB thumb drives and SD Cards are okay, BUT we often have to:

  • Remember to actually use them.

  • Find an open/working port on our computer to insert them.

  • Keep up with them.

  • Keep them from getting damaged.

In addition, these types of storage devices often don’t work on our Smartphones or Tablets without purchasing another piece of equipment. Emailing files to ourselves is another option but going through that process for every file we need would be unreasonable. Online (Cloud) storage is a great alternative to using these types of devices.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

  1. Keep the files on multiple computers synced automatically.

  2. Access your files from any device with an internet connection.

  3. Back up your computer in case it is damaged or crashes.

  4. Provide your iPad with a familiar file structure.

  5. Easy sharing.

  6. Clear up space on your computer or mobile device.

Cloud Storage Options

  1. Google Docs: It is great and allows for unlimited storage capacity. Be it PDFs, files, folders, docs, multimedia, photos , Google docs has a solution for you. It also integrates with Canvas. There is an app available for mobile devices.

  2. Dropbox: This is also another great cloud data storage tool I use. It offers a 2GB free storage capacity and you can get up to 8 GB by inviting every new user. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux as well as on smartphones and tablets. There is an app available for PC’s and mobile devices.

  3. Evernote- Teachers and students can use it to store their data and access it from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. It also syncs your data across different devices. There is app available for mobile devices.

  4. One Drive/ SkyDrive- This is a service from Windows Live and can be used to store your data on the cloud for free and also to backup and sync your computer files.

  5. Box- This is another wonderful cloud storage service that lets users store all their content online and access, manage and share it from anywhere. It offers from 5 to 50 GB of free storage.

Install the Google Drive App on Your PC or Mac

Install Drive on your smartphone, tablet and computer so you can keep your files safe and easy to reach from anywhere.

Install the Dropbox App on Your PC or Mac

The Dropbox desktop application lets you access all your most important files any time from your computer, even ones that were originally created on another device.

Installing the application on your computer creates a special folder, the Dropbox folder. This folder has unique properties: it automatically updates your files so they're the same across all your devices with Dropbox installed. No more USB drives, emailing work to yourself, or manually uploading and downloading files - it just works.

Document and File Storage Resources

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Storing and Sharing Photos

Photo and video files are usually large and take up a lot of storage space. Consider using an storage space specifically designed for photo and video. These types of sites usually have editing features as well as sharing capabilities.

Want to make an end of the year slideshow for students and parents? Consider creating an online album where teachers, parents, and even students can contribute photos. These sites have security features that allow you to only share with certain and/or require a password to view.