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Holiday Homes that are Friendly to All

When taking a holiday, you will be expecting the best from the holiday destination that you have chosen but the fact is that it will be up to you to ensure that you are making all the right choices and making the right decisions relating to the holiday. Spain happens to be one of the best countries of the world that you can choose to spend that holiday that you have been looking forward to. This is because the country has everything considered to be interesting during a holiday including beaches and beautiful landscapes and all kinds of attractions.

Most people going to the beautiful country for their holidays find it most enjoyable to take their families with them to enjoy the natural beauty of Spain. Unlike most other destinations where it can be hard to find an accommodation facility that accommodates every need including the needs of your family most especially children, Spain has the best facilities and they include holiday homes which will make your stay most enjoyable.

The holiday homes found in Spain are carefully designed to meet with all needs that a family could have during the holidays. You will also love the fact that most are also designed to accommodate also individuals with disabilities looking for the best holiday experience in the country. This means that it won’t be a problem to move that wheelchair around since everything in the homes is designed to meet with these kinds of needs. You however must check to see that the home has everything that you consider important for the holiday.

The Spanish holiday homes come in different sizes and hence you can easily choose the most suitable depending on the number of people you are taking with you for the holidays and the kinds of needs each one of them has. It is best that you settle for a holiday home that will in the end make every person happy. In case you are taking small children for the holidays in Spain, you can make arrangements to ensure that every special item you need during the holiday is made available by the time you get to the destination.

The location of the holiday home that you are choosing in Spain should matter since it determines the whole experience that you get every time. Fortunately most are located in the best areas of the country offering breathtaking views and serene surroundings.

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Interesting Self Drive Tours in Spain

One of the best ways to really appreciate all aspects in Spain is by taking a self drive tour. There are many places to sample while on a self drive in Spain. You can choose a package covering all the areas of interest so as to get the best out of the region.

One of the self drives in Spain is that covering Salamanca, Segovia, Toledo, and Madrid. Over the recent few years, a lot of discoveries have been made in Spain. The inland cities hold so much that a tour there is a must. The setting is unique and many more outstanding monuments keep on being discovered. The inland Spain is the place where you can experience the real and true Spain.

Some self drives concentrate on the medieval cities of Spain. The cities have remained unchanged and have actually undergone some upgrading so as to ensure that they remain standing thus passing on the legacy to the generations to come. It is during the self drives that you will be able to observe the Spaniards go around busy with their normal lives. The monuments in the cities are something that is highly treasured.

In the region of Andalucía, the Moorish tales are attached to romance. The stories are different depending on the regions. Guided tours in all the regions especially during the self drive will help you make so many discoveries. Every city will give you so much insight and knowledge that your trip will be more fulfilling than you would have expected.

Many of the medieval cities have traditional hotels. Rural villages are not a new thing while driving through Spain and you will also be able to spot crumbling castles. Rock paintings can also be seen in some places. While in the more modern cities, you will be treated to the best meals ever and there after you can go ahead and enjoy the night life in some of the clubs and discotheques. While in Madrid, be sure to visits the Prado museum.

Self drives are usually scheduled on a date that you may specify yourself and don’t really need the use of motor vehicles. One may opt to take the trip on a train. In most cases, people use hired cars for the self drives. To be on the safe side, choose a car that has GPS so that you can be sure that you are actually headed to the right destination. In this case, having a tour guide will be quite rewarding. Self drives are a great idea and one should really consider taking one.

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Introducing Touristic Spain

Spain is one of the countries famed for having an easy and fun life. It is a place where the nationals are so easy going and friendly and really love to have a good time. Spaniards are devoted, sophisticated and very passionate about life. The country has a lot of resources that a visit to the country will supersede the wildest expectations.

The landscapes in Spain are enough to stir ones soul. One of the features that are so common in many parts of Spain is the mountain ranges. Some of the mountain ranges include Sierra Nevada, the Pyrenees, and Picos De Europa. They are very beautiful as they are breathtaking.

Sierra Nevada is snow caped and totally beautiful. It is within the Andalucía region. The place is perfect for hiking activities, Atlantic’s northwest has some of the wildest cliffs in Spain. They are simply spectacular. This area is the best for drives owing to the amazing landscapes that can be seen all over. The coves in the Mediterranean are the best places and the number one choice for summer holidays. The area has been over developed and exploited but one can still find a spot that is not spoilt in the region.

All the places that you go to in Spain have some villages that are truly beautiful. Some of the features to be seen are out crops, valleys, as well as hills. Places like these are the best to spend some extra time as they will help you appreciate the region better. It is the best way to see the old Spain.

One of the national obsessions in Spain is wine and food. This is for a good reason. The most popular dishes in Spain are tapas; paellas, jamon and olive oil, but these are only ingredients. The cuisine in Spain is something that has amazed the world taking it by storm.

The touchstones to cooking in the country are actually quite simple: willingness and urge to experiment making the kitchen a lab, traditions that hand down the recipes, as well as a wide variety of dishes. This makes Spain have some of the most delicious and unique dishes. A meal in Spain may be simple and it does not really matter where you are even in the noisiest of surroundings, you will appreciate Spanish cooking. If you can, try and sample the cooking of a professional chef, it is something that you will remember for a lifetime.

Art is yet another face of Spain that cannot go unnoticed. Artworks are many as are the architectural works making Spain a great place for educative exploration.

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Rental Spain: Villa Rental

With its glorious, year-round sunshine, miles of pristine coastline and sandy beaches, quaint fishing villages, happening night-spots, adventure and sports on both land and ocean, historic cities and ultra-modern townships, colorful traditions and festivals, great cuisine and fine wines, art and music, Spain is the perfect holiday choice for millions of visitors from all over the world.

One of the best holiday options available in Spain is the vacation rental. More and more people are opting for rentals rather than spend their vacation in the standardized environs of a hotel or resort. Another reason is the burgeoning of affordable charter flights to Spain from almost anywhere in the world which makes it very convenient for large groups of friends or families to travel together. Spending the holiday together in a large rental holiday home makes great financial sense and multiplies the holiday fun too!

A villa rental is a great idea and Spain has plenty of these all over the country. Once you decide your budget, destination, activities and preferences, you can book a villa that's located nearest to whatever holiday plans your group has in mind. The nicest thing about villa rentals is that you're almost spoiled for choice – depending on your budget, you could get anything from a cozy country farmhouse to an ancient monastery, a parador in a historic fortress or a cliff-top castle, a modern apartment complex, a beach-front address with perhaps a private yacht or a cottage in a fishing village perched on the coast.

For most vacationers, a villa rental is a holiday experience that is extremely relaxing and makes them feel right at home. It's also where they can follow their own schedules, cook and enjoy their own meals, share the chores, bond with their families and friends and be free to enjoy their own personal dream holiday in the company of their choice.

Another great advantage of a vacation rental in Spain is that your kids will certainly enjoy themselves without the formality or restrictions of a hotel or resort. They can play, swim, enjoy sports or games without disturbance to other guests, accompany the adults on sight-seeing or opt to stay back, as they please. The same goes for seniors or people with restricted mobility if they're part of your group.

With a villa rental, you can choose the kind of assistance you want, like house-help, laundry-service, chef, chauffeur, tour-guide etc or you can share the chores with your group. Either way, you'll find the options much more affordable when the costs are shared. Many rentals also offer special services like cooking or art classes, special deals in local restaurants, bars and night-spots. Some villas also allow pets.

A vacation rental in Spain is probably the most fun way to immerse yourself in the local customs and culture, learn the language and traditions and return with both your heart and camera full of wonderful memories!

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Rentals Spain: Royal Retreats

If your idea of a dream vacation is to live life king-size, then a taste of the royal castles, mansions, palaces, ancient monasteries, convents and fortresses refurbished for your comfort, aristocratic town-houses and villas is what you're looking for!

The Spanish Paradores de Turismo can offer you the best of Spanish hospitality in the most opulent settings that evoke the mystery and magic of ancient times. This is a government-sponsored initiative that enables visitors to Spain to experience the grand traditions of the country, while simultaneously helping to maintain and preserve these heritage sites for future generations.

Whether you're a honeymooning couple, a family or group of friends, students or corporate executives attending an important convention, the paradore is the perfect holiday rental in Spain. Scattered all over Spain and the Canary Islands, these properties have been tastefully renovated with every modern facility. Many of them are located in historic, religious and cultural centers, so your vacation would include plenty of sight-seeing, art, music, festivals and tasting the regional cuisines and fine wines.

Some of these paradores are located in mountainous regions, ideal for adventure sports, environmental activities, sampling the unique local food and customs. Others may be located near the coast, on scenic cliff-tops from which you get a panoramic view of sea and sky. These paradores usually have private beaches and the staff can arrange private cruises along the picturesque coastline, with stops are the pretty and quaint fishing villages that nestle along the sea-shore. Whatever the location, this is a certainly a vacation with a difference.

Another advantage of these paradores is that you are given a wonderful insight into the life and times of Spanish aristocracy and royalty. Many royal rentals may also house museums and galleries which house antiquities, documents, artifacts and art works, fine furniture, carpets and luxuriously decorated rooms. They also offer seasonal discounts, good deals on group bookings, wedding and honeymoon packages, bed and breakfast, half-board, discounts for children etc. They may also have spas, wellness centers, yoga and fitness facilities, healthy food, organic or vegan options etc. There are many paradores that offer fly and drive facilities from major airports and locations.

Most of these heritage properties have a fascinating history and this is one of the most pleasant and painless ways of gaining knowledge and information about the country and its traditions for both kids and their parents! There are plenty of options available for outdoors and indoor activities. Cooking, art and music classes, language lessons, pottery, ceramics, sketching and painting trips, horse-riding, bicycling, mountain biking, trekking, water-sports, hiking etc are some of the activities offered in these rentals.

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Costa Brava Rental: Girona

Just a hundred miles away from vibrant Barcelona, Girona is one of the principal cities on the “Wild Coast” or Costa Brava. This important Catalan city combines ancient history, mild Mediterranean climate, an almost non-stop series of festivals and cultural events, hot and happening discos, night-clubs and bars, great shopping areas and fairs, an array of restaurants serving local and international cuisine and wines, wonderful local products and being located at the confluence of four rivers, there's plenty for the active and adventure-seeking visitor to do as well. The city with its glorious mountain views and riverine landscape is often by-passed since tourists flock to Costa Brava's famous beaches and may thus miss an unforgettable holiday experience here. Cruises along the scenic River Onyar, the pedestrianized city center, the fascinating Jewish Quarter and other wonderful sights are unique and not to be missed.

One of the most popular types of accommodation for today's discerning tourist is the rental type – this could be either villa, rural home, holiday homes, apartments, condos or luxury houses. All these are available at different price-ranges, size and quality. The kinds of features offered by each of these will also differ depending on location and budget. If you're opting for a rental accommodation in Girona, it's wise to plan ahead, as it can be a challenge to get accommodation during the peak season (June-September, Christmas-New Year or Holy Week) and though Girona is comparatively unspoiled by tourist hordes, the city does get lively and busy during these times.

Apartment rentals are very popular among vacationers in Girona. Most of them have wonderful ocean, mountain or river views as it's difficult to get away from these three when you're here! A good many fine-quality apartments and condos are available in the old Barri Vell quarter which is right next door to the Cathedral and minutes away from the Arab Baths and Jewish Quarter. Some of these condos are superbly renovated ancient monasteries or convents, where you can still get a glimpse of the medieval stone walls and gateways. The condos/apartments are fully-equipped with all modern conveniences, en suite baths, patios and terraces. If you're on a budget, a loft apartment is perfect. These are ideal for couples or a small family and many of them are spacious, New York style places, with stunning views of the Cathedral and its grounds. They may also have roof-top patios from where you glimpse Girona's famous sea/mountain/river panorama.

Other accommodation in Girona and surroundings includes country farm-houses and estates, restored mansions, villas, antique houses, luxury residences and charming town-houses. Depending on your holiday plans, budgets, requirements and preferences, you can choose the most appropriate setting and use it as a base for your unforgettable Costa Brava holiday.

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Attractions of Altea

Altea is a major holiday destination in Costa Blanca. Perched on top of a hill overlooking the turquoise water of the Mediterranean, Altea offers visitors an array of recreational facilities. From beach activities to exploring the historic quarter and fishing villages, there is so much to do and see in Altea.

With numerous holiday villas scattered across Altea, this scenic coastal town of Spain is the ideal villa holiday destination in Costa Blanca. With one of the stunning villas as your base in Altea, you can easily explore the town and its neighborhood.

Attractions of Altea


Sheltered by palms and pine trees, the beaches of Altea are the perfect venues for sun bathing. Some of the finest beaches of Costa Blanca are located in Altea. There are a number of spectacular scuba diving spots near the coast of Altea. Deep-sea fishing trips are a popular pastime of visitors to the harbor of Altea. Apart from the popular family beaches, there are few nudist beaches in the secluded areas of the coast. The beach area of Altea boasts of excellent infrastructure. A variety of restaurants, playground, car parking area and other recreational and shopping facilities are located in the beach area.


Playing golf in a nine-hole golf course is an added attraction of a vacation in Altea. Overlooking the coast of Valencia in the town of Altea, the golf club offers a wide range of facilities. It has a golf school, swimming pool, shop, bar, café and restaurant.


To experience the typical rustic charm of Costa Blanca, explore the old town with its narrow cobbled streets lined with traditional whitewashed houses. The Church of Our Lady of Solace, the parish church of the town, is a popular tourist attraction. The square in front of the church offers an uninterrupted view of the marina and the surrounding landscape.


Altea boasts of a lively night scene. Live music concerts are frequently hosted in the popular nightspots of the town. Admirers of Spanish music flock to the Palau de Altea every evening to watch opera, concerts and ballets.


Altea is dotted with tapas bars. The seafront restaurants of the town serve delectable traditional Spanish seafood delicacies. Restaurants catering to every taste are scattered across Altea.

Other Attractions

To get most out of your holiday in Altea, consider visiting the recreational areas in the neighborhood of Altea. The Aqualandia water park, Cactuslandia Park and the largest theme park of Spain, Terra Mitica, are a short drive from Altea.

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Enjoying Villa Holidays In The Santa Susanna Area

Santa Susanna is a very small town that is found in Costa Brava. The popularity of Costa Brava in Spain is known to many and this in a way tells you that a holiday in this town is something to look forward to. The area encourages tourism to a very great extent due to the existence of touristic attractions, especially those of an ancient form. It has a lot to offer to any tourist who chooses to have a holiday here.

Santa Susanna has got a lot of interest areas. However, for the majority of people who come to this town, the most interesting feature that they target is the beach area where a lot of fun can be had.

When you settle for this area as a tourist destination for you or your family, you will be able to enjoy one of the most unforgettable holidays in history. Planning is a very important part of any holiday in whichever area. One of the most important aspects to holidaying in this area is accommodation. The most popular accommodation facilities in Santa Susanna are villas. These are available in different designs as well as sizes so as to allow an individual to pick the villa that will work most efficiently for him and his entire family.

The prices of the villas are also different. Luxury villas are of course more expensive than the regular villas and therefore you have a very important decision to make. Size is also a determinant of the cost of the villa and so are the various sites that one can see while in the villa.

The villas in Santa Susanna are indeed very beautiful. They are well facilitated and are made in a way that ensures that total comfort is achieved during the duration of the stay in them. In most cases, villas in this town are gotten straight from the owners. The facilities borne by each of the villas are displayed on the official sites. In most cases, when you rent directly from real owners, you are somewhat ensured of the validity and existence of the villa in question. Due to middlemen elimination, one is able to get quite fair prices.

The size of the rental will also depend on the specifications that you have as well as the size of the group of people you will be travelling with. Most of the villas are well displayed bearing the various prices that you will have to pay for them. Making villa reservations in Santa Susanna is a sure way to ensure that you do not miss out on an incredible villa deal.

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Finding Great Villas In Costa Blanca

Different people visit Spain for different reasons. It is due to the fact that Spain has a lot to offer to all who come in every year. The different regions found in Spain are able to offer different experiences, thus one can make a choice of the things and experiences that they really want to enjoy during a holiday.

One of the most popular destinations in Spain is Costa Blanca. It is a place with so many activities as well as attractions that are really everyone’s fancy. Some of the attractions in the Costa Blanca region include Gran Alicante, Santa Pola, Elche, Benidorm and Javea.

Accommodation in Costa Blanca is well catered for. There are many options to choose from. In the present however, a lot of people are moving from the normal hotel room reservations to the more authentic villa accommodation. The region has got its share of villas that are available for the various tourists who visit each year. Villa accommodation has actually gained a lot of popularity in the country as well as the region due to the advantages that are associated with it.

Villa accommodations in Costa Blanca are of different designs and sizes. It becomes very easy for someone to take a pick of the size and type of villa that they find most appropriate. Due to the availability of villas of different sizes, it is quite easy for a person to choose a villa that is adequate especially when a number of people are involved. There are villas that are actually big enough to host over 20 persons at the same time. This becomes quite convenient for the parties in question.

Another great thing about villa accommodation in Costa Blanca is the fact that one can very easily split costs among the parties within the group. In this way, each person only pays a fraction of the entire price. In most cases the price of a villa does not fluctuate regardless of the number of people who occupy the property. Low prices are witnessed during off peak season but the peak season sees a lot of upward fluctuations in price.

The most advisable thing to do when choosing a villa in the Costa Blanca region is to not make any rush decisions. Weigh all the options that are open to you as carefully as possible. When this is done, you can choose all the villas that hold your interest and then choose from there. If there is time, you can take a tour of the villa when you arrive to see that it fits your specific bracket.

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Finding Villas In Cambrils Spain

The town of Cambrils is located within Catalonia. It is in the region’s south coast. It is a rather small town but it holds a lot of importance in history owing to where it is located in the region. For all who settle to visit this region, a lot of opportunities await them. When you choose to visit the region, you will indeed be surrounded by great historical gems. Cambrils has always been a popular and important destination since time immemorial. It will therefore be a great opportunity to be in the region and appreciate all there is to see.

Accommodation facilities and rentals are many in Cambrils. One of the best options available in Cambrils is villa accommodation. Owing to the fact that there is so much to see in the region, a villa will enable you to have the most fascinating holiday ever.

Villa accommodation allows you to make your own schedule. You do not have to follow stringent schedules for eating or other things as it sometimes is in the hotel options. You can cook your own meals at whatever time you think to be best and then settle down to enjoy some quiet time. When you are in Cambrils and settle for villa accommodation, you can lay down the time required for your personal explorations. Villa accommodation helps you make plans for yourself and so you will be able to enjoy the region much better.

In Cambrils, villa accommodation is a great option. When you settle for villas, you will have the greatest holiday in Catalonia. There are many advantages that are associated with villa accommodation. One of these is the fact you have the freedom to choose the size of the villa. This guarantees that you will have enough space for you and the family. You can also be able to travel within a group quite at ease.

Most villas come with many facilities that ensure that you are in a position to take it easy over the holiday and appreciate everything that the holiday has to offer. They have a private swimming pool and where the size of the villa is bigger; the swimming pool is also bigger and will at times have an area for the children. Jacuzzis are also a common feature. Most of the villas in Cambrils also have barbecue areas as well as playground areas for the children.

The other thing that makes accommodation in villas while in Cambrils such a great idea is the fact that the villas have kitchens, thus one can prepare meals most especially where kids are involved.

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Holiday in Casa in Costa Brava

A holiday in a casa en Costa Brava is the best way of enjoying the charm of the Mediterranean coast of Spain and experiencing the Spanish way of living. Home to idyllic beaches and blessed with abundant sunshine and pleasant summer, the Cost Brava area on the northeastern coast of Spain is a top beach holiday destination in Europe.

The more than 200 km long coastline of the province of Girona in Catalonia, extending from Blanes to the border of France, captivates visitors with the breathtakingly beautiful coastal landscape. With the turquoise water of the Mediterranean bordering the sandy beaches dominated by cliffs and rocks, the rugged coast of Spain is admired for its natural splendour.

Villas in Costa Brava

For a pleasurable holiday in a casa, Costa Brava seaside resorts offer a variety of options. For a low cost holiday, you can rent a cottage-style casa near a beach or in the countryside nestled in the lush greenery of the surrounding mountains. Guests living in lavish villas are pampered with world-class luxurious facilities. Regardless of your budget and destination in Costa Brava, you can easily find a casa where you can stay and cook meals during your vacation.

Holiday Home Rentals in Costa Brava

Property rental websites offer details about casa de vacaciones in Costa Brava. For a low cost vacation, rent a studio apartment, cottage or a modest villa. However, to derive maximum pleasure from your Costa Brava villa holiday, consider renting a villa with a pool. A private swimming pool is a common feature of luxurious holiday homes of Spain. The freshwater of the pool provides respite from the summer heat. The poolside is a peaceful venue for relaxation away from the bustling crowd of the beach. Surrounded by a luxuriant garden, the upscale villas of Costa Brava are the luxurious hideouts in the busy holiday areas. Quality of facilities and location determine the rent of villas. Nonetheless, the average villa rental is reasonable.

Top Villa Holiday Destinations

With attractions tucked in every corner, you can choose any part of Costa Brava as your summer holiday destination. On the southern end of the coastline of Girona, Lloret de Mar is an excellent tourist centre of Costa Brava. Framed by cliffs and rocks, the beaches of the holiday resort offer ample leisure opportunities. The scenic coast of Tossa de Mar is popular among families. For a blissful romantic vacation, plan a villa holiday in the picturesque towns of Begur and Cadaques.

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Attractions of Villas in Calpe

With the coastal landscape dominated by the gargantuan Rock of Ifach, the coastal town of Calpe is a leading beach holiday destination in the Costa Blanca area in the Alicante province of Spain. Ferienhäuser in Calpe are the perfect luxurious holiday homes that blend with the natural opulence of the Costa Blanca town.

Blessed with year round sunshine and mild climate, Calpe offers the ideal setting for a pleasurable vacation. The 11 km long coastline of the town is home to scenic coves and idyllic beaches sheltered by palm trees. A popular travel destination for nature lovers, water sport enthusiasts and beach holidaymakers, Calpe attracts visitors throughout the year.

Ferienhäuser in Calpe

Villas are tucked in every corner of Calpe. The luxurious villas facing the sea are popular holiday retreats of the town. The modern villas equipped with upscale facilities are suitable for family vacations and romantic holidays. Featuring private pool, the stunning villas offer the highest level of comfort. In the privacy of the villa, you can spend quality time with your spouse and kids. The fully equipped kitchen and barbecue allow guests to party with friends without visiting the bustling nightspots of the town. The turquoise water of the sea, visible from the balcony or terrace of the villa, provides the perfect backdrop for a tranquil vacation. An alfresco dinner in the garden or terrace of a villa is the best example of a romantic dinner in a scenic region of Spain. Hence, to spend your vacation your way in the Costa Blanca region of Spain, select a luxurious holiday villa as your self-catering accommodation in Calpe.

Attractions of Calpe

There are several reasons for choosing Calpe as your villa holiday destination in Costa Blanca. There is ample scope for maritime activities in Arenal and La Fossa, the two beaches of the town. Under the shade of the palm trees, you can relax on the clean sandy beaches or take a boat trip to explore the coast of Calpe and the neighboring seaside resorts of Costa Blanca. The clean water of the Mediterranean and the beautiful seabed near the coves lure divers. Notwithstanding the attractions of observing the underwater scene from a glass-bottomed boat, snorkeling or scuba diving is the best way to get close to the colorful underwater scene in the Mediterranean. Outdoor sport enthusiasts can explore the verdant nature reserve and climb on top of the Rock of Ifach.

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Holiday Home in Benissa for Luxurious Vacation

For a pleasurable vacation in a stunning ferienhaus, Benissa is the perfect holiday destination in the Costa Blanca region of Spain. Benissa is a small picturesque coastal town in Spain’s Alicante province in the Valencian community. One of the oldest towns of the region, Benissa boasts of idyllic beaches, scenic coves and a medieval quarter full of palatial houses.

Home to numerous holiday villas, Benissa is a popular destination for affordable luxury villa vacations. You can rent a seaside ferienhaus in Benissa featuring private pool, garden and internet connection without breaking the bank. With plenty of scope for leisure and outdoor activities, it is worth visiting Benissa during the summer holidays.

Features of Ferienhaus in Benissa

Adorned with upscale décor and surrounded by lush greenery, the holiday villas in Benissa blend with the scenic surrounding of the beautiful Spanish town. The architecture of the holiday homes combine the opulent elements of the stately mansions with features of upscale modern houses. The azure water of the villa pool tempt guests to overcome the attractions of the sea. You can bask in the Mediterranean sunshine with your family and friends by the side of the pool and swim in the freshwater to cool your stressed body. With spacious bedrooms, living room, dining area and separate kitchen, the holiday villa is your perfect home away from home. No matter what type of holiday you are planning, holiday homes are available to meet your requirements in Benissa. A number of villas allow pets and there are several villas with facilities for wheel chair access. The spacious country houses sheltered by vineyards offer the rustic charm of rural dwellings in Costa Blanca.

Attractions of Benissa

Benissa is suitable for all kinds of vacation. It is a popular summertime retreat for families. For couples, it is the perfect romantic hideaway. The most popular attraction of Benissa is undoubtedly its 4 km long coastline, home to some of the finest beaches of Costa Blanca. Holidaymakers swarm the clean beaches of the town during the summer months. For water sport enthusiasts, the sea bordering the coast of Benissa is a great venue for sailing, scuba diving, kayaking and windsurfing. To explore the verdant Mediterranean woodlands, head out for the mountain ranges of Bernia bordering the town. The old town with its narrow cobblestone streets lined with historic buildings will take you back in time. The neo-Gothic La Marina church and the Palace of Torres-Orduna are some of the cultural attractions of the town, worth visiting.

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Holiday in Apartments in Costa Brava

The coastline of the province of Girona is home to some of the best beaches of Spain. For a comfortable beach vacation without breaking the bank, ferienwohnungen in Costa Brava are the ideal accommodations.

The holiday resorts of Costa Brava attract the largest number of travelers from Europe for a pleasurable summer vacation. Enjoying the view of the scenic coastal landscape from the balcony of your beachfront holiday apartment is the best way of relaxing away from the chaotic city life.

Finding Ferienwohnungen in Costa Brava

A reputed holiday property rental website offers reliable information on holiday apartment rentals in the Costa Brava area of Spain. The images of the holiday properties give visitors an idea of the holiday home where they are likely to spend their vacation. Apartments suitable for different budgets are listed in the Costa Brava holiday rental websites. Depending upon your budget you can select a studio apartment, apartments with one or more bedrooms and penthouses. Apartments in the holiday resorts of Costa Brava usually offer a number of shared facilities including communal swimming pool, garden, parking area, café and bar.

Locations of Ferienwohnungen in Costa Brava

Tossa de Mar

The popular family beach of the famous seaside resort of Tossa de Mar is dotted with holiday apartments. From the balcony and windows of the beachfront apartments, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the Mediterranean and the walls of the old town of Tossa. A peaceful retreat for travelers, an apartment in Tossa de Mar is your home away from home.

Lloret de Mar

For an affordable luxurious vacation, consider renting a holiday apartment in the seaside resort of Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava. The main beach of the town is packed with holiday apartments of different sizes. However, finding a vacant holiday villa is a bothersome task during the summer months. Remember to reserve your accommodation in advance through a reputed holiday property rental website before heading out for your summer holiday in Lloret de Mar.

Sant Pere Pescador

The windy condition in Sant Pere Pescador is ideal for windsurfing. During the summer season, this seaside resort of Costa Brava attracts windsurfers from all parts of the globe. To join the crowd of windsurfers and sunbathers, plan a vacation in Sant Pere Pescador this summer. With holiday apartments scattered throughout the coastal town, you can easily find a suitable self-catering accommodation for your summer holiday.

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