Wasted? So is your life

drugs ruin lives.


Scientist believes that cocaine is one of the most addictive substances and strongest stimulants known. Other names for this substance is C, coke, nose, candy, snow, white lady, toot, Charlie, blow, white dust and star dust. Cocaine can cause heart attack, stroke, aggressive behavior, eating and sleeping disorders, kidney failure and risk of contracting hepatitis A, hepatitis B or HIV.

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4 years? Looks like 20


When cocaine is distributed to teenagers, it causes them to be psychologically distressed, leading them to be vulnerable to drug addiction. Statistics say that a total of 9.5% of high school students have been using crack cocaine last year (2013). Despite many of its various names, it is the most common household drug coming after marijuana and heroin. Everyone is well aware of the cliche “You aren't cool until you do drugs!” What if your son or daughter were to be snorting cocaine? It’d be a bone breaking moment for you, therefore we need to raise awareness for teenagers and speak of the symptoms which may rise up when consuming it, such as: insomnia, exhaustion, organ failures, seizures and strokes. Aren't you sick of seeing people around me commit suicide because of their inability to work due to their cocaine addiction? its causes them to miss out on their next ‘fix’ of cocaine as a result. We need to find a way to make drugs less accessible and lay down the law strictly in a way that it’ll force everyone to be scared to stop taking drugs completely.