Weekly Update

Week of Sept 7-10

The first day is here!

The time has come! The teachers and staff have been buzzing around the building all week preparing to welcome their students on Tuesday. My heart was so full getting to welcome families on Thursday at our Open House. We have quite a few new faces in town and plenty of familiar ones as well. Our little school is growing and I couldn't be more excited.

During this week our staff participated in some professional development where we reflected on teaching practices, our students needs, social emotional wellbeing of staff, students and families and looked at defining our values and what we want for the culture of our school. We honed in on community, connectedness, and pride as being most important to us. We know our small size provides a unique opportunity for all staff to know all children. We know our school is the hub of our town and holds a special place in so many peoples hearts and minds. We commit to growing a strong community connection, having deep meaningful relationships with EVERY student in our building, and continuing to instill a sense of pride in our students for themselves, our community, and our school. As our song states, Cascade Locks really is the place to be!

Back to School Planning

On Tuesday please send your child with a mask, water bottle, and backpack. Feel free to send extra masks with your child but know we have plenty of spare disposable child sizes masks at school as well. You do not need to send hand sanitizer we have plenty and it it located all around the school. If you need a backpack just let us know we have extras.

A little bit about our day

Something new this year is that all grades with have their own 60 minute core math block with just their grade level. In the past two grades were combined for math and ELA core instruction. That means each grade will be with just that single grade for math taught by a licensed teacher. This is very exciting as teaching a blended math block is quite difficult. The same will hold true for our core reading blocks. We are able to separate each grade level for all or most of their core English Language Arts. This is due to additional licensed staff that the district approved for our school. Kate Gordon and Sharyn Hoffert are the additional staff who will be offsetting the blended homeroom classes for core instruction. We are very fortunate to have these additional teachers.

Our kids rotate through a different "special" each day. They will have PE, Music, Tech/Library every three days. Here is the schedule. Blue days are with Ms. Holloway for Library & Technology. Red days are PE with Mrs. Rolen. Yellow days are music with Mr. Church. Kelsey Contreras our Family Engagement Specialist will also be on site on the Blue days. Make sure students wear athletic shoes and clothing they can run around in on Red PE days.

Reminder all students will get free breakfast and lunch. The School lunch menu can be found here.


First Day

Tuesday September 7th is the first day!

School Hours

Tuesday-Friday: School begins at 7:35 and ends at 2:05

Monday:School begins at 8:35 and ends at 2:05

If you are not riding the bus please be dropped off at 7:15 if you plan to eat breakfast. If breakfast is not needed please plan on arriving at 7:25. Parents cannot come into the building at this time. We ask that you stay in your vehicle when dropping off. Please be ready to kiss and go on Tuesday morning. You may snap a quick picture from your car of your kiddo by the front door.

School Office: At this time, we cannot welcome families into our building. You may contact our office by phoning 541-374-8467. We also have a doorbell at our main entrance.The office will be staffed 7:00-3:30 daily. Danielle Herndon is our wonderful secretary and she can help you with anything you need! Danielle.herndon@hoodriver.k12.or.us

School Bus Routes:

Bus routes will go out this weekend. You should be getting an individualized message at some point between today and Monday with the time and location of your bus stop. If you have questions about this over the weekend please email Adrienne.acosta@hoodriver.k12.or.us and I'll get back to you! Once the route has been released I will post to our website and Facebook page.

School Drop off and Pick Up: If you plan to drop off and pick up your children, we ask that parents/guardians remain in vehicles. Please do not drop off your student before 7:15. On late start Mondays, please do not drop off your student before 8:15. The doors will not be open and staff are not here yet. When picking up your students please queue up along School Road (our long driveway) allowing the bus to get by and pull forward. Once the bus has passed you may get in line behind it. Please do not come and park in the main parking area. You will have to wait for the bus and all cars to exit before we release your child if you do park in the main lot. School road is a one way road. Please do not perform a U turn in the drive. Instead please follow the bus around the backside of the building exiting onto WaNaPA street through Oneonta St.

Big picture


  • Parents/guardians are to send healthy students to school & keep students home when ill.

  • Parents/guardians will screen students for primary COVID symptoms prior to sending students to school. Students must not come to school if showing any symptoms related to COVID-19 and/or if they have a fever. Primary COVID-19 symptoms include the following:

    • Fever of 100.4 F or higher

    • Chills

    • Cough

    • Shortness of breath

    • Difficulty breathing

    • New loss of taste or loss of smell

  • Students and staff will need to adhere to daily use of masks, maintain at least 3 feet of physical distance between students to the greatest extent possible in all indoor settings and buses and engage in frequent hand washing and/or use of hand sanitizer.

  • When students are at least three feet apart and everyone is wearing a face covering, students who are in close contact with someone with COVID-19 don’t need to quarantine unless they have symptoms.