Plagiarism and Copyright

Do not Copyright or plagiarize. You will be a bad person.

8 Things to now about Plagiarism and Copyright

  • Plagiarism is when you take bits of information from an author or a website and copy and paste it to your document without giving the author/website credit.
  • Copyright is when you take ideas from someone without giving them credit.
  • If the author died, 70 years after death the idea or image is available to use.
  • Copyright and Plagiarism is frowned upon.
  • You cannot copy word for word in articles.
  • Copyright is a non registration concept.
  • You do not need to sign anything to be protected.
  • Fair use act is when you can take some information or an image and use it for educational purposes, but at the same time giving the author credit.

Where you can find info Copyright and Plagiarism

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