state facts

california florida alaska


capital: sacramento

nickname: the golden state

date of statehood: september 9,1850

state flower: eschsholzia californica

sate bird: california quail

state tree:california redwood

interesting facts: mount Whitney is 14,494 feet tall.the smallest county in California doesn't even have a high school. California farms the maximum number of turkeys per year

tourist attractions: Disneyland, six flags magic mountain, Sea world SanDiego


capital: Tallahassee

nickname:the sunshine state

date of statehood:march 3,1845

state flower: orange blossom

state bird:northern mocking bird

state tree: cabbage palmetto

interesting facts: Florida averages 10 deaths per year from lightning.Florida means feast of flowers in Spanish.Florida has the worlds largest freshwater spring

tourist attractions: America airlines arena,Sun life stadium,Daytona international speedway


capital: Juneau

nickname: the last frontier

date of statehood: January 3,1959

state flower: forget-me-not

state bird:willow Parmigan

state tree: Picea Sitchensis

interesting facts: there is more than 3 million lakes in Alaska.nearly one third of Alaska lies within the artic circle.17 of the 20 highest peaks are in Alaska

tourist attractions: Kenai national wildlife refuge. the U.S hilltop ski area. the Yukon river

by:justin counts