Lawrence Kohlberg

Contribution to Psychology

Early and Personal Life

LawrenceKohlberg was born October 25th, (6 days away from Halloween) 1927 in Bronxville, New York. He was born in a wealthy family and is the youngest of four children in his family. When he was four years old, his parents separated. And later on when he was 14, hiss parents divorced. After WWII, Lawrence for a time with the Hagana on a ship smuggling Jewish refugees from Romania to British Blockade into Palestine. Then captured by the British and held at an intermment camp on Cyprus, he escaped with a few crew members and returned to the U.S., enrolling in the University of Chiago college. He later got a bachelors degree in one year in 1948. He then began to study Psychology to earn his doctoral degree in which he finished in 1958. He later begain studying and readling Piagat's work. He found a scholarly approach that gave a central place to the individual's reasoning in moral decision making. At the time this differentiated with the current psychological approaches to morality which down played an individual's deliberate struggle and that explained the development of morals.

His Contribution to Psychology

He created the theory of Stages of Moral Development. He got the idea from studying Jean Piaget's work and then he expanded and modified his work which he later on made his theory. His theory had six stages.