No More Polar Bears?

What is happening to the Polar Bear population

Polar Bears are nearing extinction within 35 years.

Polar bears were the first vertebrate species to be listed by the U.S Endangered Species Act as threatened by extinction of the ongoing loss of critical habitat for polar bears, the artic sea ice on which they live and depend to hunt their almost exclusive prey, seals.

Hunting, pollution, and global warming.

Seals and fish would eat food that would have oil of some sort bad thing in them and when the polar bears eat the fish or the seals they take in that pollution/contamination that the fish and seals had earlier causing them to die.

Stop the oil drilling in places where polar bears live/go

Reduce emissions and slow global warming. Population sizes decreasing. Sea ice platforms moving farther apart and swimming conditions more dangerous. Fewer hunting opportunities and increased scarcity of food.