Random Acts of Kindness

Help spread the love!

Here are some examples of ways that you can help spread the kindness!

  1. Donate some money to the Salvation Army after you leave the grocery store.
  2. Help your brothers or sisters with their chores even though you already finished yours.
  3. Surprise your parents by having dinner made or table set.

Here is an example of a true act of kindness...

One day I was sitting in my grandma's living room with her sister (my great aunt) and we were talking about are days. My great aunt is still recovering from cancer so everyone in my family likes to visit her and do nice things for her just to make her smile. She was telling us that she went to go visit a friends house with her husband and they were lost and didn't know where to go. A car pulls over and a lady comes out and asks if they need any directions. She ends up letting them follow her to their destitution. She even pulled over twice just to make sure they were okay. My great aunt refers to her as her guardian angel.
Claire C.