Trial of the Innocent

Atticus Finch Defends Negro

Atticus Finch, one of the best lawyers in Maycomb County, is now turning his back on us. Growing up and being raised in Maycomb, it is no doubt that he knows our kind of living. So why is he doing this. He said to his daughter that, "Every lawyer gets at least one case in his lifetime that affects him personally. This one's mine."

Many people disagree with what Attcius is doing and are trying to go against it. Many people think that he will lose everything because of this. But if he knows he might lose everything, why does he go ahead and do it anyways? Why does he find this case so important? Even his family is turning on him. His sister Alexandra who is temporarily staying with them even told him "He's disgracing the family". On top of loosing everything and disgracing his family, he has numerous mobs and gangs after him.

This case that Atticus is going along with is if Thomas Robinson beat up Mayella Ewell. The story that has been told is that Mayella was sitting on her porch when Thomas Robinson went by. She had some work she needed him to do, so, she told him to come and bust up a dresser for her. She then turned around and that's when he was on her. Mayella said "He got me around the neck, cussin' me an' sayin' dirt." She then started screaming and yelling for someone to come. But he just hit her again and again.

As she was yelling, her father Mr. Ewell came through the door. He was on his way home just before sundown when he heard a load scream coming from inside the house. When he got to the fence, he looked into the window to only see Thomas on Mayella. Once Tomas saw Mr. Ewell at the window, he dropped Mayella and ran out the door. Mr. Ewell then ran to Mayella to see that she was hurt badly. There was an injury on Mayella's left eye that caught his attention the most. But everyone wonders, why did none of the children hear the racket? We found out later that they were sent into town by Mayella. The trial will take place on Monday when the count house opens.

Black women takes white children to chruch

Calpurnia who is a care taker for the Finch family takes the Finch children, Jem and Scout, to her church. When they were poorly greeted at the church Calpurnia still defended the children. This is most unheard of. Everyone is against it. The Finch family has many different views on the way we treat Negro's.

Snow in Maycomb?

It snowed in Maycomb last night. We haven’t seen snow here in so many many years! We've even saw some of the local children building snowmen. The children of Maycomb county were happy to have snow to play in. Some of the children even asked their neighbors for their snow. Many of the children didn’t have enough snow to build a snowman, so many ended up using dirt and then covering it with then the snow that they could find. It was a wonderful day in Maycomb County.