Get Super from Spinach!

Everybody eats their Spinach!


Ever wonder how people like the Hulk or Popeye the sailor man have such big muscles? well im going to tell you the secret. Believe it or not kids its a food we may not all like the taste of, and not want to even have it come close to your mouth. The secret food is Spinach, yes Spinach. This vegetable may not be the most deliscous or tasty food around, but it will help strengthen your bones, increase stamina, and heal your body faster! So if you want to help yourself succeed in things like sports or just your everyday life Spinach is the food to eat.

Fun Facts

Did you know?

  • If you don't like to eat Spinach by itself you can make delicious meals with it like creamy Spinach Lasagna, or Spinach feta cheese puffs.
  • Spinach is available all year long but is best to eat in the months May to September.
  • Spinach has high iron levels, and gives oxygen to your muscles.
  • It is an excellent source of vitamin C, Magnesium, and Potassium.
  • Has a high fiber content