November 4K-12 School Closure

Nov. 16-20

The staff in the New Auburn School District has worked to create a Temporary School Closure Plan to help keep parents informed of what students will do during this temporary closure.

This temporary closure is due to illness and required quarantine. The time frame for this closure is currently scheduled for Nov. 16-20 with students returning to face-to-face on Nov. 30. This return date is subject to change.

If for any reason your child cannot participate in virtual instruction, please call the Middle School / High School Office as you normally would for attendance purposes.

Below you will find links to the different areas that could be impacted by this temporary school closure and the plans in place for each.


During this temporary school closure, school facilities will be closed to students, families, and the public during the school day.

Non-quarantined, healthy staff will have access to the facilities to retrieve materials and provide instructional support to students and families. Staff are required to isolate themselves and not have contact with other staff members while in the building.

Student Transportation

During this temporary school closure, student transportation will not be provided.

Student Meals

Kitchen staff, along with paraprofessionals and bus drivers, are being called to action to prepare and deliver meals to the homes of students.

Families need to have a cooler near the end of the driveway to place the meals in on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Delivery time will be between 8:30-12:00 pm.

Families who have completed the Google Form or previously called the school will be receiving meals.

If you would like to stop this service at anytime or receive meals for your children, please contact Karen Trowbridge at

Athletics and Extracurricular Events

At this time, Varsity practices and games will continue until further notice.

Middle school practices and games will resume when we return to in-person instruction.

Student Materials

If students are not quarantined, but need materials from their locker, they can come to the High /Middle School entrance during normal school hours. They will be "buzzed in" and they are to go directly to their locker and then leave the building without making contact with others.

If a student is quarantined, but needs materials, please contact Michele Crooker in the HS/MS office for assistance.

Attendance and Class Work

In an effort to keep students in the routine of attending classes and learning, teachers will be continuing with new instruction during this temporary school closure. This means that students will be expected to engage in instruction and learning through a variety of assignments. Participating in and completing assignments will be counted toward attendance. Participation / completion will be included as grades during this time period.

Students are expected to:

  • Check communication source from teacher(s) for assignments... could be via Google Classroom, email, SeeSaw, etc... the exact communication method can be found on the teacher's temporary school closure plan link.
  • Join class virtually for new instruction, if assigned by teacher(s)
  • Follow directions to complete and submit assigned work

Since online instruction is an extension of the classroom students are subject to the same rules and consequences as if they were in the classroom (examples - appropriate clothing, language, and behavior). Please be aware of the background that is being shared during online meetings. Teachers have the authority to shutdown video or audio or remove a student as needed.

Instructional Plans

Below you will find instructional plans from teachers at the various levels which will be set into motion in the event of temporary school closure. To find your student's teacher or teachers, click on the appropriate grade level link below and you will be taken to a page containing the links for each staff member.

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