What if your parents could unwind you?


Here is my summary about this book.

This book is science Fiction and is about a young boy named Connor who's parents are going to unwound him (harvesting the organs), along the way he finds a girl named Risa and boy Lev around his age who are going to be unwound to!!!! Together all of them are on a journey to end kids being unwound. And run into problems along the way.

Neal Shusterman is a popular and successful American author of Young Adult literature.

Shusterman was born and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. when he was young , Shusterman was an avid reader.

He has wrote many other books also, some called Unsouled, Unwholly, Unstrung and many more.

Main Characters

Connor a 16 year old boy who's parents are getting rid of because he has been in to many fights.

Risa a ward meaning owned by the government who's false parents could not afford budget cuts.

Lev the tenth child was born to be unwound by his parents, because his parents believe 10% of everything should be given to god.