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Maple Grove Middle School: Week of April 11-15

In This Issue....

  • Calendar of Weekly Events & Upcoming Dates
  • 5 Apps to Transform Teaching and Personalize Learning
  • Tornado Drill
  • Wastebasket Revue
  • Movie Trivia


  • April 12-14 - MCA Math Test for Grade 6
  • April 12 - Building Leaders Meeting - 2:50 PM Main Office Conference Room
  • April 18 - Incoming 2016-17 - 6th Grade Parent & Student Orientation 7-8:30
  • April 19-21 - MCA Math Test for Grade 7
  • April 19 - Parent Teacher Conferences - 3:15-7:45 PM
  • April 20 - Building Professional Development for Licensed Staff 2:50-4:00 in the Media Center.
  • April 21 - 6th Grade Choir Concert - 7 PM
  • May 2 - Field Trip for Machu Picchu & Petra
  • May 2 - 7th Grade Boys' Choir Concert 7 PM
  • May 3 - 6th Grade Band Concert 7 PM
  • May 4 - Non Licensed Staff Meeting 9:30 & 1:30 in the Main Office Conference Room
  • May 4 - Building Professional Development for Licensed Staff 2:50-4:00 in the Media Center.
  • May 5 - 7th Grade Orchestra Concert 7 PM
  • May 6 - Field Trip for Great Wall of China & Serengeti

5 Apps to Transform Teaching and Personalize Learning

Transformation requires a journey for teachers toward great educational rewards for students. Knowing how to craft learning experiences that meld technology with the curriculum is key to crafting digital-age lessons. As digital tools are integrated seamlessly with sound pedagogical practice, a new classroom culture emerges. This is a culture focused on student-centered, personalized learning and shifting away from traditional teacher-centered classrooms. The digitally-rich lesson format below has evolved as technology has been infused into these lesson components:

  1. Whole-group instruction
  2. Guided practice
  3. Independent practice
  4. Reflection

Read on to learn how you can meaningfully integrate technology into your lessons.

Tornado Drill

This week is severe weather awareness week. We are going to have a tornado drill on Thursday, April 14 at 1:45. Please wait for the PA announcement before you proceed to your designated location.

Wastebasket Revue

Looking for something FUN to do this weekend?! Come and support our district seniors as well as your colleagues at the Wastebasket Revue. This weekend's performances are at Maple Grove Senior High. Tickets are available at

It's worth it just to see Steve Auer conduct the Air Symphony or Jon Harmer get his groove on with Jill Denk! Check us out!

Movie Trivia

What was the name of the pirate whose treasure the kids were chasing in the movie, Goonies?

Know the answer? Email your response to and you could win a prize!

Last week's answer: The Dark Knight, who plays the Joker?

Heath Ledger

Check for a prize in your box if you emailed the correct answer!