Thanksgiving and gratitude

I'm full of gratitude for all of you!

Having Gratitude during the holidays

I'm very grateful for all of you on our teams. Holidays generally are a time of renewed gratitude and changes in seasons and heart felt emotions. This time of year can also bring up emotions, we stuff throughout the year. Our emotions can dictate our energy, so if you're feeling down it stands to reason you have little or reduced energy to do all the extra activies we find ourselves involved in this time of year.

What has helped me is to take the time I need - add a few oils to a diffuser, sit in your comfortable spot and write a list of all that you have to be grateful for in your life. Its so easy to find our problems, but how easy is it to reflect on our blessings.

November is the best month because:

  • The leaves go into full color change
  • It's cooler and perfect weather
  • Turkey and Pumpkin month (if you love everything pumpkin like I do)
  • It's Black Friday for the shoppers

You get where I'm going, there is so much we take for granted in this wild time of life. Let's slow down with your favorite oils and beverages and reflect on our blessings.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving month,

Love Rhonda

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Featuring Brownies with Wild Orange; sweet candies with Red and Yellow Mandarin; Lime and Peppermint

Ginger cookies and Pumpkin bread all made with doTERRA essential Oils

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