Cardinal Notes

information and reflection about Joseph Case High School

Volume 13, No. 3 *** September 23, 2016

First Late Start of the Year

A reminder that Tuesday, September 27 is a late start day at Joseph Case High School. Students should arrive at school no earlier than 9:45 a.m. for a 10 a.m. start to the day. Buses will pick children up approximately two and a half hours after their usual pick-up time.

The high school will be using this time to review accreditation standards and begin to map the route to our next decennial event in 2021.

School Council

The first School Council meeting will meet this Tuesday, September 27 at 6 p.m., in the main office's conference room..

As required by Massachusetts General Law, the School Council is comprised of parents, teachers, administrators, students and community members.

Faculty school council members include Karen Fisher, Christopher Kenyon and Anthony Palladino. Parent reps are Charlene Orton, Trish LePage, Eleanor Deschenes and Melissa Soper. The community representative is Janice Partridge. School Council meetings are open to the public.

In closing

This week has been a particular challenge in staying upbeat and positive with the unexpected passing of my dear friend Tom Marcello. He impacted thousands of theater students at Joseph Case High School, including me. The high school walls still reverberate with his booming voice, high demands for excellence, and unyielding love for his students.

He was a force of nature at this high school for 40 years. Details for a memorial event have not been finalized at present.