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Question Keilan

February 2nd, 2022

Dear Keilan,

My niece, Hana, has been acting very strange lately. She's been distant from her family, isolating herself. When she does come out she's always fidgety and looks at adults a little crazy. One day I found her listening to unapproved music. She also keeps meeting this boy during school. Hana even got a 2-hour detention for holding his hand and hugging him! I think she is showing signs of infection. I don't want turn her in because she is the closest thing to a daughter that I have. She is my only niece. So should I turn her in?


Concerned Uncle

Concerned Uncle:

No. If I were you I'd wait and watch her behavior closely for about 8 to 12 more days.Then if Hana's signs of infection increase a lot, then turn her in. Most of the time, her behavior is normal for uncured teens. Hana will probably be fine.



Shouldn't we all be infected?

If you haven't seen Delirium, you don't know true love. 95 days and Lena would've forgotten any of this. Instead she finds a boy who she thinks is an Invalid on her evaluation day. She soon discovers he is an Invalid. Then she falls in love with him. As a result, her opinion changes about what the world has been telling her. This leads her to make a life-changing decision. Lauren Oliver couldn't have written this book in a better way.

Life-changing decision

Lena Haloway never knows what to choose does she? The everlasting "truth" from her leaders or real unfiltered love between her and Alex. She keeps trying to believe what the leaders say is true, but she's starting to believe that they're lying. At the same time Lena wants to be in love with Alex. Her mind is telling her no, but the rest of her body is say YES!!!

Help Wanted

We are looking for patrol officers to monitor the streets from 5p.m-12p.m. Since the recent numbers of people breaking curfew has increased by double, we have opened more job times. If you are interested please go to your nearest police station to sign up and bring your resume. Expect to be called for an interview in the next 1-3 days.