Piney Woods

Aliyah Gomez 4th period

Location & Climate

The piney woods of Texas is located in East Texas. In the summer the average high temperature in the summer is 92°F, and the average low temperature is 72°F.

Lakes & bodies of water


  1. Lone Star
  2. Holbrook
  3. Brandy Branch
Bodies of water

  1. Toledo bend reservoir

Outdoor Activities

These are the activities at the state parks
  1. Biking
  2. Boating
  3. Paddling
  4. Camping
  5. Fishing
  6. Hiking
And much, much more!!!

Wild life

The piney woods is home to many animals. Woodpeckers, Cottonmouths,

Eastern cottontail rabbits, Squirrels, and opossum, and more

Piney Woods native Plants

Some plants that are native to the Piney Woods are. Butterfly milkweed, Common yarrow, Devils walking stick, Cross vine, winecup, trumpet vine, and so many more!!

Historical information about the region

For Thousands of years Native Americans lived in the woods of East Texas. Latter on, much more people would call East Texas home to. The Caddo indians lived in the north-eastern part of the piney woods.They farmed, hunted, fished, made pottery and traded with other Mound builder tribes.The early Caddos where part of the mound builder culture.They would build huge earth mounds to use for there homes. Some of the Caddo tribes stayed in there homes by caddo lake,until the mid 1800's.Hundreds of years ago many different countries in Europe wanted to claim this part of Texas. Both Spain and France sent explorers to see what was here.The Spanish explores where the first to come, and they met the Caddos over 450 years ago.The French came a little while later.But France and Spain were enemies,and once the Spanish found out that the french was there they built missions and forts.But that didnt last vary long.

Historical Place

When driving up to the Piney Woods you can see a sight straight out of the history books. Where the first country was established under under the Republic of Texas, Houston country, in Grapeland.

National & State parks

Some state parks in this region are: Atlanta SP, Caddo lake SP, Daingerfield SP, Huntsville SP, and so many more. The national Parks in Texas are, Big Bend national park and Guadalupe Mountains national park.

Sight seeing

In the Piney woods region there are plenty of things to to. you can see animals at the Ellen Trout zoo. Go to the Heritage village museum. And much, much ,more fun things to do!!!