Friday, March 4, 2016

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The Birth of the VanChats

I know that I've used the Woody Hayes quote before, but I feel like we're reached a point in the year where it bears repeating. Vanguard would be nothing without all of the amazing people we has as members. Your hard work, personalities, and opinions are what keep us moving forward.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with a Vanguard member and just chat. It was a time for us to talk about what we want from Vanguard members, what hesitations and struggles are with the group, and what type of folks we're looking to add to the group. Though the sit-down was scheduled, the conversation path was not and we both left the meeting feeling better about the team.

And so, the VanChat has been born. I've created a schedule with an assortment of March dates listed. Those dates are wide-open (unless otherwise noted) for a face-to-face chat at your school. We can chat about any number of things - questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, planning ideas, resource ideas, or just a get to know you. We can talk individually or with a team of Vanguard members. Either way, I'd like to spend more time coming out to your schools and connecting.

When you sign-up, your names are anonymous to the group (just in case you'd rather folks didn't know.) If you have specific questions, just let me know!

~ Heather

Congratulations, Vanguard Team!

It is incredible the number of awards and honors that members of our team have received. The depth of talent on this team is amazing. Here is a list of our current Teacher/Professional of the Year award winners. If we were to add past recipients, the list would grow immensely. Keep up the amazing work!

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As I've noted in my emails, communication with a group this size is difficult. Please remember not to send emails to Vanguard ALL. However, if there's group information, I can either at it to the VanWeekly for you, or you can join our Slack channel and share.

When you join our Slack group, you'll automatically be entered into the #general, #random, and #vanguard channels. Once you're in, you'll be able to click on the word CHANNELS to see what else you have the option to join.

Feel free to take a tour of Slack before you start!


The order form for the new Vanguard t-shirt will be closing soon! If you plan to order, please do so today! There are three color options available - white, gray, and bondi blue (shown in picture.) Shirts cost only $8.49 each.


ALL COHORTS: What'd You Buy?

While you still have a little bit of time left to spend your Vanguard $500, we'd like to know what those of you who have already spent your money did buy. We've got our idea Padlet, but this is the official purchases Padlet. For each post, leave your name and provide a link to the item(s) that you ordered! This is a required task for all members.

ALL COHORTS: March Coaching Log

It's already March, so it's time for a new coaching log. This time ALL COHORTS are asked to answer and share something about your work, a product, whatever it is. Remember, this is a touch point to know what's being done in the schools. This is a required task for all members.


We Need Hosts!

Thanks to all who have already hosted this year, but we're still in need of more. Please consider signing up to host!

Chat Transcript

Unable to make last night's conversation about the National EdTech Plan and its Learning section? Check out the transcript and resources mentioned!

Professional Development

If you are not attending the Bear Creek conference and are not already involved in another PD session, here are a couple other opportunities that you may interest you.

McGraw Hill Math training for Elementary Math Teachers

There are sessions at E.C. West, Heards Ferry, Barnwell, and Alpharetta Elementary. These sessions are a repeat of the training that was held on February 12. Time will be spent exploring the ConnectEd Teacher Center and all the digital resources that accompany the new math textbook adoption.

Edgenuity for Blended Learning: Part 1

Edgenuity is a key tool in for personalizing learning. During this session you will be introduced to the curriculum and course content that is available in Edgenuity. Time will also be spend on how to manage students, create custom courses for students, and run reports. The following link provides a list of courses that are offered in Edgenuity. Please check this before registering for this session to make sure the course you teach is on the list:

Edgenuity for Blended Learning: Part 2

This session is for people who have participated in Edgenuity basics training. This session will give you a deeper dive into customizing courses and managing students. Best practices for using Edgenuity will also be discussed.

To register for any of the sessions:

Login to Edivate. Go to ResourcesàLearning TargetsàCatalogsàAcademic Support

About Us

Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to provide innovative instruction which meets the needs, skills and interests of all students.
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