Anything but typical

Nora Raleigh Baskin

Being a 12 year old boy can be tough ,but for Jason who is a high function autistic being in middle school isn't easy. Then when he finds joy in posting story's on a online website were he meets a girl named Rebecca. When they finally might meet Jason sacred that she will only see what everyone else see's , the autism,and not Jason

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all about Jason

The main character is Jason hear is a little information about him.Jason is a 12 year old boy in 6th grade. Jason isn't a typical 12 year old boy he is autistic. His autism was suspected in preschool but it was only diagnosed when he was in second grade. Jason goes on a website called storyboard were he can write story's and people tell him what they think about it.Jason is a really sweet boy on the inside ,but the thing is he has trouble showing it to the outside world he can only show it when he is writing on the computer. That's all i really have to say about Jason.

What happens

This story has a lot to it hear is a brief summery. Jason goes on storyboard and that's how he met Phinoxbird who we later find out that her name is Rebecca. Jason for the lack of better words kind of falls in love with her,even went around school calling her his girlfriend.Even though Jason an Rebecca never met they have a connection.One day Jason's mom an dad tell Jason he is going to the storyboard convention but when he finds out that Rebecca is going to. Jason didn't want to go because he didn't want Rebecca to see him. He didn't want her to see whats on the outside (his autism) , but the sweet loving boy on the inside. Jason decided to go but was scared that what ever Jason and Rebecca had would be over because Rebecca would be scared of him.At the begging Rebecca didn't know what to think,but in the end she excepted him for him. There is just my summery about the book.
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Supporting characters

Jeremy- Jeremy is Jason's little brother,he's a few years younger then Jason.

Mom&dad-they are Jason's an Jeremy mom and dad.There mom is very tense because she is very worried about Jason were the dad is more laid back

Aunt Carol&Uncle Bobby- They are Jason's aunt and uncle.Aunt Carol is Jason's mothers sister,and Uncle Bobby is her husband. They have two kids Seth and little bobby. Jason's family went to go visit them one day and it lead to some unfortunate events.

Seth&little Bobby-Seth an little Bobby are Jason's cousins. Seth is the older of the two,he's about Jason's age. The day when Jason's family goes visit them an some bad things happen, lets just say It ended with Seth getting hurt.


The author was trying to send a message. For example he is trying to say don't judge a book by its cover, Jason might look strange on the outside but he's sweet and nice on the inside. The author wants to show that that you have to get to know them before you judge them. That's what the author is trying to say.


Rebecca doesn't know what to think about Jason at first. For example when she saw Jason she was surprised because he told her he wasn't coming.(" I'm Rebecca Stone, Jason told me he wasn't going to be here , but look your hear").Rebecca seemed a little shocked. This proves she didn't really didn't' know what to think at fist.

Praise or pawn

I would suggest this book to many people over all it was a pretty amazing book and had a great story line. The plot was fantastic and I just couldn't put the book down. I five this a 5 out of 5 rating!