Dance, Dance

Types, choreographers, my team, and conventions

Types of dance

There are so many types of dance. I do every type which include: lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, ballet (point), and tap. My favorites are lyrical, contemporary, and hip-hop.

Everyone says I'm the best at contemporary which every contemporary dance contains a story inside the music and the movement.

Choreographers and Conventions

Willdabeast (Will Adams), Destini Rogers, Chris Amedee, Ricky Lam, Kelsey Self, Teki Stewart, Nancy O’Meara, Lane Napper, Rosero McCoy, David Moore, and Janelle Ginestra

I have taken class from all of these choreographers. ^^^^^^^

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My team!

This is my team.

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Beyonce' - Upgrade U | WilldaBeast Adams | Beyonce' Series pt.1 |
Ricky Lam | Collaboration Workshop 2013 | Chapkis Dance | Brenmar & Dj Sliink - "Bait"

Dance Quote

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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