Coronavirus Update - March 25

Parent information regarding the coronavirus

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Greetings NPS Parents,

The State Board of Education today voted to close school buildings across Oklahoma and transition to distance learning for the remainder of this school year. They made this decision to comply with state and federal social distancing requirements and prevent further spread of COVID-19.

It is important to point out that “distance learning” does not necessarily mean “online learning,” as we are aware there are many families without access to the internet. Our curriculum team continues to work diligently on a student-centered framework that will outline enrichment activities and opportunities for students to maintain and enhance their academic skills in creative ways. You can expect to receive detailed information from your child’s school about the distance-learning education plan at some point within the next two weeks.

We also do not want you to feel additional pressure during this already difficult time. The distance-learning plan will be strongly encouraged to help your student continue their academic progress. However, student grades have been frozen, which means they will not decrease as a result of school closures. We understand distance learning is not ideal when compared to traditional, in-person instruction. But we are doing our best to adjust and adapt during a global pandemic that has resulted in a national emergency. And we will get through this.

I understand and agree with the State Department of Education’s decision to close schools to protect the health and safety of our students, families, staff members and the greater community. But it doesn’t make it any easier to emotionally process this new, but temporary, reality. I empathize with so many of you who have expressed concern about your child’s academic progress and missed milestones. It is not fair. It is not easy. But we must continue forward.

My heart is heavy for our high school seniors who have experienced their last time in a teacher’s classroom, at a fine arts performance or an athletic event. And so many other students who, when they return to school, will be in a new grade or at a new school building altogether. I am absolutely heartbroken over this. That said, one of our core values is optimism, and we must choose to focus on things we can control. At some point, we will provide an opportunity for seniors to participate in a traditional, in-person graduation ceremony. I do not know when this will be, as I cannot predict how the coronavirus outbreak will unfold. But rest assured that we are working on this and will share details when they are available.

In closing, this morning I recorded a message that I wanted to share with you, which is linked below. This continues to be a difficult time. But this “new normal” is temporary, and I am confident we will get through this if we show compassion for others and continue to work together.


Dr. Nick Migliorino


Norman Public Schools

Video Message from Dr. Migliorino

Important COVID-19 update from Superintendent Dr. Migliorino

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