J. W. Leary Junior High School

April 23, 2022

Welcome Back!

There are only a few weeks remaining in school. WOW! Time this year has flown.

Spring Break is almost over. This year, more than ever, it was a welcome “pause”. We have all been through so many educational, personal and professional challenges due to the impacts of COVID pandemic over the last few years.

I am confident as we come back to finish the year that all of us are ready to land on a sense of “normalcy” and consistency.

I know that our staff has worked incredibly hard to make sure schools are nurturing environments. Everyone has worked to create a place where students can be consistently and predictably supported to be appropriate socially, emotionally, and academically. I am grateful for that focus and work as we look towards closing out the year with normalcy.

If there is one thing I have learned during the earlier part of this year it is the strength of our community is that we authentically CARE about each other and when things get “tough”, we stay together as a Team. My optimism about Junior High is anchored in my confidence that we have the best educators, the most supportive parents, the most engaged community, and the best students!

As we exit the pandemic please continue to speak truth about how children are experiencing our schools and honestly let us know where we have done well and places to improve. Forms for both have repeatedly been shared towards the bottom of the newsletter and will continue to be circulated.

* April 8 was the last day of the 3rd quarter. Look for your report cards!

The 3rd quarter honor roll and high honor roll is posted below-great job to all children achieving high grades during this unique year!

We sent home another batch of COVID tests. There is a note below outlining what to do. They should be administered on Monday April 25 before school.

Other upcoming dates include (note-this list is tentative, will be updated + shared again):

Chorus Concert= May 12

Spring Native American Social=May 13

Instrumental Concert Dress Rehearsal=May 17; Instrumental concert= May 18

Field Experience Trip=May 19-May 22

35 week mark=May 20

Last Day of School=June 23 (this will be a half-day)

JWL Third Quarter Honor Roll

Click here! Great job everyone!!

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All JH Events

DATES TO REMEMBER 2021-2022--this links the calendar that is regularly updated

Athletics calendars are located here.

Eggs for Ukraine

Several 7th grade advisories combined to create eggs for Ukraine. The eggs celebrate nature. Rather than being painted on by bee's wax children are using colored pencils. Mrs. Ashley and other teachers provided several options for design. The eggs looked great! I am so impressed the children were able to get the eggs clean and drew on them keeping the shell in tact.

Student Ex-Officio Talks with JH children

Logan Dobbins, student ex-officio, came and spoke with children about what is going well at JH and areas of concern. The children shared they were glad to have Hs a dance, they were happy things are more safe. They expressed concern over homework and extra-curricular activities.

Thank you Logan for coming to talk! We look forward to more conversations!

Learning about genetics, heredity, and probability while making Alien Families.

WEB Leadership

Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) is looking for up to 50 of this year's 7th graders (next year's 8th graders), to connect with the incoming 7th grade class. We want students who show both traditional and nontraditional leadership.

Some qualities we look for in Leaders include:

  • strong communication skills,
  • willingness to lead,
  • positive role model,
  • enthusiastic,
  • interested in helping others

WEB is not necessarily looking for the smartest students, the most athletic, or the most popular. We want students who are KIND, want to make the school better and are responsible enough to manage a group.

There will be various WEB information sessions and events when we return from break. All children interested in this opportunity are encouraged to apply.

College and Career for Every Student is shared with faculty

Hannah Corkery worked with Mr. Reed and Mrs. Reyes to share the work that Mr. Reed has been doing with his technology classes.

Hannah gave the faculty a global outline while our staff stepped in with their specific activities. We are all hopeful to see this program launch more broadly across the building.

Purpose is the upcoming weeks character trait

Having a clear sense of purpose in life, and a belief that you’re connected to a larger meaning, gives individuals strength. It allows them to persevere and find courage in trying circumstances, or lead with kindness and love even when it’s not reciprocated. Those with a sense of purpose have more meaning in their life – and are more fulfilled.
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28 Lacrosse players visit

We are so lucky to have had expert lacrosse players from Akwasasne. Vaughn Harris and his assistant was Isaiah Cree came and worked with our children. I appreciate them sharing their heritage, insight and skills. I know the kids and adults learned a lot!

TENTATIVE-More Junior High Dances

There is the potential for more junior high dances to be held. I know a few group advisors are planning and working on getting these set up.

Tentative dates are in May and June and will be shared soon.

Help us help your child to attend. Please talk with your child about safe, responsible, and respectful behavior. This includes:

  • being kind to other children,
  • completing class assignments + seeking help when its needed,
  • not throwing things,
  • keeping hands to themselves, and
  • being respectful of staff/other children (in person and online through social media/games).

Dances at junior high are special events and children must demonstrate behavior according to the Code of Conduct to attend.

Dance attendees must be:

  • enrolled at JW Leary JH
  • present in school on the day of the dance
  • have no discipline referrals from Wednesday to Friday the week of the dance
  • have no suspensions (in-school or out of school) the week of the dance

Doors will open at 7 pm. Anyone leaving before 9 pm must be signed out by a parent or guardian.

Snacks will be sold.

The cost to attend will be $5.

7th grade Pop Art

We are VERY low on extra chargers. PLEASE...

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Massena CSD Technology Tips

This page contains a getting started, cheat sheet, and tips about using the various platforms we have at JWL and within the entire district.

Great job students and staff!

Coming back from break we took a step to acknowledge the students and staff who have been noted for their above and beyond work.

Over 50 students have received notes home outlining their positive contributions to our school community.

The form to nominate those going above and beyond is on our website or located here!

Something is concerning-

We also want to recognize that knowledge of situations is our best defense. Everyone is frustrated when something happens and they feel nothing was done. We cannot do anything if we do not know about it!

If people see/hear something, say something. Situations we have heard of we have handled.

The below form which is also linked on our website is one way to do that.

All concerns expressed to the school are thoroughly investigated and appropriate action is taken. We cannot do something if we do not know about it. It is a service to the entire community when items are shared.

We are all in this together and we all have the same goal. Thank you for your support!


We know the pandemic has had numerous impacts on many things. As a building we’ve been fortunate this year to be able to offer support through a part-time social worker as well as the implementation of advisory (small groups with an adult) positivity project, CFES, WEB, and ongoing work with our teachers/counselors/administration.

This past week there was the 4th suicide of a student in St. Lawrence County schools in one year. We continue to have a focus on the safety and mental health of children.

Please share the below information with you child. We are all here to support you and your child. If you need anything please let us know.

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At JW Leary we are fortunate to be able to offer free breakfast for all children.

Doors open at 7:15 am for children getting breakfast. Please see this VIDEO for information about breakfast.

Children do need their Schoolbucks account number to get breakfast and lunch.

This links to the current breakfast/lunch menu!

A big thank you to our amazing cafeteria staff who helps this to be possible!

Coming Back from School

Dear Families/Guardians,

New York State has made at-home COVID-19 test kits available to schools statewide. These test kits were delivered to our local BOCES and are currently being distributed to each of our schools.

The purpose of these tests is to monitor the spread of COVID-19 within our community as part of the ongoing effort to keep our school buildings open for in-person instruction. Tests can be utilized whether or not a student is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. If your child has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days, you should not test them.

State and local health officials are providing these tests as a resource to schools and families. Tests were distributed to students and brought home from school on Thursday, April 14.

We strongly suggest that parents conduct one of these tests on their student on Monday, April 25, 2022 prior to sending them to school that morning, and again three days later.

Please note that any positive test results from an at-home test must be reported to the local health department and to your school nurse. You do not need to report test results obtained elsewhere, and you do not need to report negative test results.

To report your results, Fill out the online form found on the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department (SLCPHD) website. For additional information on reporting positive at-home test results, please see the attached document from St. Lawrence County Public Health.

Please remember that if your child has a symptom of COVID-19, they should be tested at home using a rapid test, or at a clinic, doctor’s office or a testing site. Anyone with a positive test result should isolate and contact St. Lawrence County Public Health. For more information on testing, quarantine and isolation please visit https://www.stlawco.org/Departments/PublicHealth/COVID-19.

Thank you for your continued partnership as we work to keep our students in school. If you have any questions or concerns about COVID-19 testing or other health and safety protocols, please do not hesitate to call our Head Nurse AnneMarie Miller at 315-764-3700 x3101.


Patrick H. Brady

Superintendent of Schools

Distributed to all children at JH from St. Lawrence County.

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Canton Sends Message Regarding Internet Safety

Canton Middle School Principal McDonough has shared a message regarding internet safety to all Canton Central families. This has been done in coordination with the family of their twelve year old student, Xander Worthley, who died a few weeks ago.

The family is hoping that by sharing Xander's story, another family might be spared the agony of the tragic loss of a child.

Here is a link to Principal McDonough's message.

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Breakfast starts at 7:15...

preview this video to learn more! Children need to be settled into advisory by 7:35.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your student or your family. We have so many great things happening at school.

If you have ideas, questions, or concerns please email azullo@mcs.k12.ny.us or call the school 315-764-3720.

Stay well and healthy over Spring Break. I wish you peace, relaxation, and the joy of spending time with family!

Mrs. Zullo

J. William Leary Junior High School

Grades 7-8 of the Massena Central School District.