Literacy Plan Overview

May 13, 2016

Literacy Innovation Design Team (LIDT)

The LIDT began the work of the Literacy Plan in August, 2015, as outlined in the AISD Strategic Plan:

Core Belief: All students will graduate college-, career-, and life-ready.

Commitment: Ensure all students perform at or above grade level in math and reading.

Strategy: We will improve the reading and writing of all students.

Key Action Step 3.1.a Develop and implement a literacy plan that includes the science of reading instruction and the practical applications of concepts.

The Literacy Plan focuses on strengthening tier one, core instruction (including Dual Language and ESL) with the support of RtI, 504, and SpED services.

Literacy Plan Components

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Throughout the school day, teachers will incorporate the district-wide literacy strategies during instruction to support students' speaking, listening, writing, and reading development.


Inside the Language Arts Classroom, sample block schedules, classroom norms, and a glossary of common terms provide support for the purposeful implementation of the balanced literacy model.
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Elementary LA Class Schedules and Norms

Secondary LA Class Schedules and Norms

PreK-12th Grade Norm Example: Integrate digital literacy by using tools (e.g., age‐appropriate devices, software, web 2.0 tools) for prewriting, drafting, and publishing their work.


Beyond the school day, AISD will continue to foster community partnerships that support literacy (e.g., Vision+Voice Poetry Contest).

Beyond the school year, AISD will combat summer reading slide by establishing the 5-Book Dive.

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Let's Get Started!

Strategic Plan Key Action Step: 3.1.b Provide campus-level support for implementation of the balanced literacy model to support students at all ability levels.

  • Professional development
  • Tiered supports

In Summary:

Partner A: Components of the Literacy Plan include______________________.

Partner B: "Structured" Independent Reading means_______________________.


Claire Hagen Alvarado, LA Supervisor, 4-4723

Amber Burks-Cole, TLI Coordinator, 4-3890

Donna Lund, Elementary LA Curriculum Specialist, 4-9558

Julia Hernandez, LA/Dual Language Specialist, 4-9557

Liz Canales, Middle School LA Curriculum Specialist, 4-4359

Ladyanne Horne, Middle School LA Curriculum Specialist

Matthew Meldrum, High School LA Curriculum Specialist, 4-4948

Erika San Miguel, High School LA Curriculum Specialist

Barbara Adkisson, LA/ESL Specialist, 512.414.9714

Jacquie Porter, Director of Early Childhood, 4-4740

Sylina Valdez, Administrative Supervisor of Early Childhood, 4-9682

Dr. Rachel Robillard, Assistant Director of 504/Dyslexia and RtI, 4-6645

Darren Downs, RtI Specialist, 4-6645

Dr. Jean Bahney, Executive Director of Special Education, 4-9790

Olivia Hernandez, Director of Bilingual Education, 4-0048

Claudia Santamaria, Assistant Director of Dual Language, 4-6805