French Guiana

Howard Zheng

Background Information

The capital of French Guiana is Cayenne. Two major cities in French Guiana are Matoury and Kourou. French Guiana has and still controlled by France. The official language of this country is French.


French Guiana is located in northern South America. It is bordered by Suriname, Brazil, and the Atlantic Ocean. Part of the Amazon rainforest is is located in French Guiana. The Tumac-Humac mountains, Maroni river, Lawa river, and Oyapock river is located in French Guiana as well.

Political and Diplomatic Information

French Guiana is entirely controlled by France. French Guiana is a republic and its leader is known as Francois Hollande. This country is on good terms with other countries because it belongs to France and France has good relationships with other countries.

Economy and Trade

The currency of French Guiana is the euro and its economic system is capitalism. They import food, fuel, medicinal drugs, and transportation equipment. They export fish, shrimp, gold, and timber. All of this usually comes and goes to France.
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French Guiana has nice climate (80 degrees Fahrenheit) all year around which most people enjoy. It also has many wonderful places that appeal to people. A few places people can go see are the Amazon Rainforest and Trevor Nature Reserve. You can explore those two places and find many things. The Remire Montjoly Beach in Cayenne is also a place people can go.