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September 19, 2016

Dates to Remember

Week of September 19th

Tuesday: Gym Day- be sure to dress accordingly!

Wednesday: Library Day

Thursday: Smile!! Picture Day!

Friday: Gym Day; Parent Packs & Progress Reports go home

Simple Q-Pon money and orders are due Friday, September 23rd. Please return coupon book if you are not participating. Books are $20.

Mark you calendar for September 27th! The second grade teachers and our reading interventionists are hosting a Parent Night from 5-6 pm. Come learn more about reading levels, standardized assessments, curriculum resources, and more! I hope to see you all there!

Language Arts

Lesson 5

This week, we’ll be reading the story Teacher’s Pets pp.147-169 (Level K). We’ll learn to identify story elements such as character, setting, and plot. We’ll also learn how to respond to reading by using details from text to support our answers.

Vocabulary Words:

noises: sounds

suddenly: quickly

wonderful: great

bursting: full of

noticed: was aware of; saw

quiet: calm, not noisy

share: divide up

sprinkled: scattered or shook small amounts

Click here to acccess my Quizlet page and practice these words!

Spelling Words: Lesson 5

1. spin

2. clap

3. grade

4. swim

5. place

6. last

7. test

8. skin

9. drag

10. glide

11. just

12. stage

13. slip

14. drive

15. climb

16. price

We'll take a pretest over these words on Monday. Children who miss one or more words will bring homework home on Monday, as well. Homework is due on Friday.

We'll take our test that day, too!


This week, we’ll be finishing up our first topic in math. We'll review fact families and strategies for solving word problems. On Wednesday, I'll send home test practice homework. We'll review it in class on Thursday, and we'll take our first math test on Friday!

Keep practicing facts, too! Students are expected to pass their +5s test by the end of the first nine weeks (Oct. 14th). Students have 30 seconds to correctly answer all 13 problems. Your child should bring home a graded fact test each night so you know which facts your child needs to practice. If you're not seeing these fact tests, please let me know. They've been known to get stuffed into desks and forgotten from time to time!

You in a Box

Last week, Kameron was in a box! Kameron has a younger brother. He also has two dogs and a cat. Kameron's box was decorated with the Cubs logo (Go Cubs!!), and he put lots of his favorite things inside. Kameron loves Minecraft, so he brought a few of his favorite Minecraft toys. He also likes Star Wars, and he shared some of those action figures, too. HIs favorite color is blue, and his favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese! Kameron's favorite subject is math. He also likes to read, and his favorite book is The BFG. Thanks for sharing with us, Kameron!

This week, Rose will be in a box. We look forward to learning more about her!

Homework Hotline

Students and/or parents should be calling Homework Hotline every night! Here’s how:

1. Dial 942-4251

2. Press 6

3. Press 9741

4. Answer bonus question in Home Notebook and have a parent sign.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this nightly assignment, please contact me.

Contact Mrs. Palichuk

If you need to contact me, please use one of the following methods:

· Email:

· Voicemail: 942-4251 ext. 8741

· Write a note (You may use your child’s Home Notebook)