Journey to Perserverance

Aaran Luther

Introduction to Perserverance

I like the challenge of trying different things and wondering whether it's going to work or whether I'm going to fall flat on my face by: Johnny Depp. I define perseverance by not having to think about the adversities and just go with it and see where it takes you. Just follow you dreams even if someone inspired you to do a good thing follow it.

Perseverance of Jackie Robinson and Maury Mills

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Tom Mongahan (Cause/Effect)

Tom started a pizza business but he faltered throughout his life because of his business. He was struggling to keep all of his restaurants stable. He got bankrupted because he had a few restaurants at the same time. He hired a worker to help him keep the restaurant stable, but the worker kept on spending all of the money on getting cars and useless stuff. As a result he started to get bankrupted because he couldn't control his restaurant, so he gave it all away. He started again and because of his hard work and determination he managed to make a big franchise of pizza business.

Paul Smith ( Problem/Solution)

Paul Smith was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy. He lost motor control of his hands and face. He had face many adversities. He persevered through his life by showing his talent, which is drawing. He draws the drawing from a type writer. Some people say that he is a form of god. Others say that he is god gifted. He was asked to hang his drawings at a museum, instead he refuses and puts it in a hospital. He says that I don't like bragging about my drawings. He was so talented that he made the replica Mona Lisa by using a type writer. I know for a fact that no normal drawer can make that. He is a humble hardworking man, he says that he likes to brag about his friends, instead of his drawings. That's the kind of guy he is.

Lebroy Sullon Description

Lebroy Sullon is very talented in wrestling. He has special needs and that’s why he faced so many adversities. A adversity he faced was that his legs were cut off when he came under a train. He managed to get up and tried to start over. He started to play wrestling he was really good at it. He was able to overcome his fear of trust because when there was nobody their for him so how can he trust anybody. When he got married he had a baby and that helped him get back up again by giving less time to think about his tragic accident. He went to University of Colorado to become a software person. He ended up giving his daughter everything she could've deserved.

Lauren Hill Sequence

  1. Lauren Hill went to St. Thomas to play basketball.
  2. She found out she had cancer.
  3. Her goal was to play a college game.
  4. She spoke to the disabled kids eloquently eloquently and made a fundraiser for them.
  5. She got to play 1 or 2 college games.
  6. She was proud that she achieved her goal before she passed away