Weekly Bulletin May 2-6, 2016



Dear Wilson Teachers,

Thank you for all you do everyday in shaping the minds of our students at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. Your influence is greater than you imagine as students remember that day when the "light bulb" went on and they understood an important concept or the day you noticed they were not there usual self. Particularly as teachers of adolescents, you are to be honored this week and always for the important role your student's life each day. You make the difference. You are the teacher. You are the SUPERHEROS. You educate, innovate, inspire and encourage. Your influence extends far beyond the classroom walls and hallways. Most importantly, you are APPRECIATED!!


Sarah Rudchenko, Principal

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Week at a Glance...

Monday (5/2) TESTING IN GYM
  • 11:30-1:00pm: Smith and Acevedo to Luncheon
  • 1:00pm: IEP: ES/PALS/Norton/Rudchenko
  • B Monday Agendas Due
  • Drum Corps After school in Gym

Tuesday (5/3) TESTING IN GYM
  • 7:15am: Rudchenko @ APSA Meeting
  • 9:00am: School Tour for Prospective Parents
  • 10:50am: IEP: JK/Ruiz/Silverio/Rudchenko
  • 2:00pm: IEP: MR/Loera/Graham/Rudchenko/Smith

Wednesday (5/4)TESTING IN GYM
  • 8:00-3:00pm: Hermosillo @ EL Professional Development
  • 11:00am: Tour for Prospective Student
  • 1:30pm: IEP: AB/Villagrana/Rudchenko/Graham/Avila
  • Lion Head's After school

Thursday (5/5 TESTING IN GYM

  • 9:00am: PTA Meeting
  • Kona Ice @ Lunch
  • 2:00pm: World Cup Soccer Game on Small Field

Friday (5/6) TESTING IN GYM

  • 7:45am-7:00pm: Prado to Forum Music Festival

From the Desk of...

Ms. Rudchenko:
  • Students are not to use their cellphones in class during any "free time" (This has occurred during testing). We are finding that they are using social media during this time and posting pictures of others, etc. Absolutely no cell phones during school hours.
  • World Cup Game on Friday: Please walk your classes at 2:00pm to the small field. Students should sit on the bleachers and teachers are to monitor their class. Teachers with conference period during 5th period, need to come outside during 6th period and monitor. Please be sure to take attendance for your class and submit before coming outside for the game.

Ms. Tucker:

We are in the last week of testing for all grades. I will call individual students to the gym for make-ups throughout the week as the 8th and 7th graders are testing this week. Please note the information below for the last week of testing:


  • All 8th grade teachers need to bring their classes in alpha order to the gym at 8:35am for the CST Science. Advanced Studies 8th grade students are in various elective classes during 1st period; teachers please take attendance and release all 8th graders from your elective class to the gym.
  • Ms. March will test NSH students (12 students) in room 20 (CMA 8th Science). Directions begin on page 27-37. Parts 1-3
  • Ms. Loera will test RSP students (5 students) in room 108 (CMA 8th Science) Directions begin on page 27-37. Parts 1-3 Students will report to room 108 after checking in at the gym.

All 7th grade English and Math teachers need to review the Classroom Activities (both English and Math) with their students during each period on Monday, May 2nd. Information can be found in an attachment from an email sent on April 13th.


  • Davis, Crew and Hunt's classes need to report to the gym at 8:35am on each day of testing.
  • Students that are in elective classes 1st period (Ms./Prado/Ezieme/ Taylor) will be called individually throughout the day to take their test. There are 35 students in total.
  • Ms. March will test all 7th graders in room 20 and 6th and 8th graders will report to room 25 until testing is complete.
  • Ms. Loera will test all 7th graders that need an alternate setting in room 108 for each section of the test.
  • Teachers will need to report to the gym to proctor the assessment, if their students do not report to their classroom during any given period throughout the school day.


  • Students will be called to the gym throughout the week to complete missed assessments from the last two weeks.

Mr. Smith:

All Teachers!! Please see Mr. Smith this week for Community Award Recipients. Absolute Last day is Thursday!! For new teachers, we have a special assembly for 8th grade students each year to recognize their achievements. Please see Mr. Smith as you may have students in your classes you would like to see recognized!

Custodial Staff:

  • Please talk to your students about picking up your trash at lunch and nutrition. The campus is unusually littered and this is not the custodian's responsibility.