Sir Tim Bernes-lee

The creator of the internet

Tim Bernes-Lee was born the 8th of June 1955 .He is an a English programmer and in1983 he created the Internet ! He wanted something that would be able to link and connect information.

Early life

Tim Bernes-lee was born in London , England. He was brought up with four other siblings and he attended sheen mount primary school and then went on to attend south west London's independent Emanuel school.As a keen trainspotter child, he learnt about electronics from tinkering with a model railway.He then studied at the Queen's college Oxford, where he received a first class degree Bachelor of Arts degree in physics.


After graduation,Tim Berners-Lee worked as an engineer at the telecommunications company Plessey Poole ,Dorset.In 1978, he joined D. G. Nash in Ferndown,also in Dorset,where he helped create type setting software for printers. Tim Berners-Lee worked as an independent contractor at CERN from June to December 1980. While there, he created a project based on the concept of hypertext to facilitate sharing and updating information among other researchers. To show it he built a prototype system named ENQUIRE. After leaving CERN in late1980 he went to work at John Poole's Image Computer Systems, Ltd, in Bournemouth, Dorset. He ran the company's technical side for 3 years. The project he worked on was a "real-time remote procedure call"which gave him experience in computer networking .He then returned to CERN as a fellow in 1984.

Being knighted

In 2004 Tim Berners-lee was knighted when he was promoted to knight commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) in the New Year Honours "for services to the global development of the Internet"

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