Come to Pennsylvania!

The land where dreams come true!

How Pennsylvania become a colony?

This magnificent colony came to be when the great William Penn of England and his noble but under appreciated group called the Quakers decided to use the large tract of land given to them by the King and build a religious refuge there. That is how keystone of all the colonies was born.
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The colony of Pennsylvania is located between New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. Because of its relatively central location in the middle colonies, it is an ideal trading ground especially in the largest city, Philadelphia. The land is relatively flat, allowing ideal and rapid growth of cities in the colony, making it the keystone of all the colonies.
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Pennsylvania is a middle colony, which means it has decent weather making it an ideal trading ground for anyone willing to move here. Pennsylvania doesn't have a specific trade but it does specialize in natural raw resources like corn, wheat, and beef. Since it is so popular to trade in Pennsylvania, other resources are traded here such as wine, beer, bricks. The government consisted of a governor, a proprietor, a 72-member provincial council, and a large general assembly making corruption in the government very hard to occur. The best part of living in Pennsylvania is the freedom of religion as there is no official religion in the colony, allowing any religion to express itself without any discrimination.
Pennsylvania is a land of prosperity and happiness. One major event that changed the colony is Benjamin Franklin opening America's first library and first hospital there. Another major event that occurred in the colony is the adoption of antislavery by the Quakers; allowing for a better place to live in.
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Benjamin Franklin

This man revolutionized the colony and is one of America's founding fathers. He is printer, a businessman, and a writer. He created America's first library and hospital right here in Pennsylvania. He discovered electricity and is known highly all throughout the colonies. He promoted the growth of the economy and contributed to the social growth of Pennsylvania. This man can be the sole reason on why you should move to Pennsylvania.