Should parents be able to opt out of vaccines or not?

The Big Debate

There is a big debate about whether parents should opt out on their children's vaccinations or not. Vaccination can prevent many diseases and epidemics, but the can also cause life threatening side effects. The choice is yours, I'm just going to help you pick that choice.

The Protecters of the Public

Vaccines have been very successful in their doings. Vaccines have protected the public by preventing major outbreaks, and even eradicating some very deadly diseases. Overtime vaccines have brought up the life expectancy in the United States, and have protected future generations from disease.

Why go against vaccines?

However as successful as vaccines are they still have flaws. After vaccines, young children have a very slim chance of getting seizures, brain damage, and chronic illness' . Part of this is because vaccines contain harmful ingredients like aluminum and mercury. Also some mandatory vaccines are for diseases that are already eradicated, so putting kids at risk for no reason.
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Overall, vaccines have flaws that put our children at danger, but only 1 in 5500 kids get these unlucky side effects, and vaccines protect the whole public from disease. So I believe that vaccines have more advantages than disadvantages. Parents should not be able to opt out their children from vaccines.