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Enrolling a New Student

If you have a new student joining us at J. Frank Hillyard, please call 896-8805 and make an appointment with one of our guidance counselors, so we can register your student properly.

Afternoon Pick-up Procedures

Pick-up procedures for this year will be similar to procedures instituted last year to relieve traffic congestion from Route 259.
  • Parents will enter the west parking area and line up in a double line of traffic. Our staff will assist in this process.
  • Students being picked up will be released at 3:17 and will report to the front lobby and steps.
  • Once buses have been loaded we will direct traffic from the west lot to the front steps for pick-up in a single file line. We will attempt to load four or five vehicles at a time in the front. This procedure has proved to ensure a safe and consistent dismissal procedure.

Student Attendance

School Attendance Line: 896-8805; This is a direct line to Cindy Spitzer, our attendance clerk.

Please call as soon as possible each day to report a student’s absence. Students must present written notification following an absence also.

Attendance notes can be submitted electronically by emailing jfhmsattendance@rockingham.k12.va.us. Doctor’s offices may send scanned or electronic notes directly to the school using this email address.

Returning from an Absence

Upon a student’s 5th unexcused absence or their 15th absence to school for any reason (excluding school sponsored events), the student’s administrator will contact the parent by phone and letter to request a meeting to develop an Attendance Improvement Plan.

Tardy Procedure
Any student tardy to school must report to the office with their parent or with a written note signed by a parent or guardian explaining the reason for being late to school. If a note at the time is not possible, the tardy will be coded as unexcused. However, if the note is presented to the office the following day the tardy will be changed to “excused” in the school’s database if the explanation is the note falls within the definition of an excused absence. Accumulation of unexcused tardies to school will be handled according to regulations issued by the RCPS School Board.

After School Hours

Students are reminded that after 3:30 p.m., only students attending school events, or those under a teacher’s supervision or under a parent’s supervision, are allowed to be on J. Frank Hillyard Middle School property.

School Closings and Block Scheduling

In case of inclement weather, students and parents may check local Harrisonburg television and radio stations for school closings and delay information. Updates will also be provided on the Rockingham County schools website at the following address: www.rockingham.k12.va.us.

Parents may also sign up for text alerts regarding school delays or closings through the RCPS technology department. Go to: http://www.rockingham.k12.va.us/technology-notification.html for more information.

Locks and Lockers

All students are assigned lockers with combination locks. Lockers are the property of the school, and the administration reserves the right to inspect student lockers for the safety of all students. Students in P.E. classes will also be assigned locker room gym lockers for securing their clothing and personal items after dressing out for P.E. class. It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that their hallway and P.E. lockers are locked at all times. Students who make a habit of locking school supplies, personal items and clothing in their lockers will ensure the safekeeping of their items.


All middle school students are issued a Lenovo touchscreen Chromebook, a carrying case, and a charging unit. Charging units should stay at home and devices should be charged each night. Students need to bring their devices every day to school.

Lost and Found

Lost & Found articles that are turned in are kept in the physical education area. If students have lost something, ask a P.E. teacher to check Lost & Found contents. All items in the “Found” box which are not claimed within a reasonable time are periodically sent to local agencies which assist needy families.

Discipline Plan

(formerly ESD)

Mission Statement for JFHMS:

The school community will be proactive in maintaining a safe and supportive environment where responsible behavior is taught, recognized and rewarded, and will provide fair and consistent opportunities for students to experience behavioral and academic success.

The school community includes the following stakeholders: students, parents and primary care givers, faculty and staff, administration, business partners, central office staff and outside agency affiliates.

Teachers are encouraged to continue to utilize the tools available to them for reinforcing the limits they set in the classroom prior to the need to refer the student to the office, including the following:

  • Clearly Communicated Expectations
  • Consistent Classroom Rules & Procedures
  • Student conference; Warning
  • Team Conference
  • Parent Contact(s)
  • Fowls
  • After-School Detention

To create an atmosphere where students are motivated to behave in an expected manner, administrators, teachers & staff will:

  1. Clearly communicate to students the benefits of learning and expected student behaviors, and that misbehavior will not be tolerated.
  2. Provide for close supervision of students.
  3. Discipline students according to a fair and consistent plan.
  4. Provide excellent instruction.
  5. Clearly communicate and model to students expected behaviors, and that misbehavior will not be tolerated.
  6. Be the authority in the classrooms and other areas of the school campus
  7. Utilize parent contacts and restriction of privileges to correct minor misbehaviors.
  8. Reward or demonstrate appreciation for appropriate behavior.

“Classroom management . . . is mentioned in some form in virtually every major study of factors affecting student achievement. . . . A classroom that is chaotic as a result of poor management not only doesn’t enhance achievement, it might even inhibit it.”

“A school-wide discipline policy . . . communicates powerfully to students and parents that teachers speak with one voice on how discipline should be addressed.”

(Marzano, Robert J. What Works in Schools: Translating Research Into Action. Alexandria, VA: Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2003).


The CREST Program is a positive incentive program recognizing students for demonstrating good character through respect, trustworthiness, citizenship, caring, responsibility, and fairness. Students may be rewarded individually by receiving Talons, Positive Academic Tickets, Positive Referrals or other special recognitions. The school store (Talon Store) allows students to purchase items with their talon bank. Students may also receive recognition or rewards through drawings held during the school year.

CREST also hosts activities that reward students as a group. Students in good standing with the school community may participate in these events.

The Hawks SOAR Program is a team system designed to help each instructional team assist students by identifying the area (or areas) in which a student is not experiencing success within the school. Staff members may issue a Fowl to any student that fails to comply with school, team, or classroom guidelines. Each Fowl is documented electronically by the staff member that issues it and can be viewed by the parent on PowerSchool. By reviewing these Fowls each instructional team is made aware of each student’s individual needs. With the assignment of Fowls, the instructional team intervenes in an attempt to help the student in whatever area or areas in which he or she is having difficulty. These interventions include a range of consequences designed to influence the student’s behavior.

Expectations for student conduct center on the Character Traits of respect, trustworthiness, citizenship, caring, responsibility, and fairness. A simple way to remember the school’s expectations for students conduct is to remember to:

  • Be RESPECTFUL (adults and other students)
  • Be SAFE (respect school property and the property of others)
  • Be RESPONSIBLE (for your academic and behavioral choices)

Students accumulating Fowls will be assigned consequences according to the schedule listed below.

Schedule of Consequences and Interventions
* 1stFowl – Warning & Conference with the Teacher
* 2ndFowl – Teacher assigning the Fowl to Contact Parent/Guardian
* 3rdFowl – Silent Lunch
* 4thFowl – Team Referral to Administration for 1 Day of BIP
* 5thFowl – Referral to Administration and Assignment of 10 days of Poor School Standing and After School Detention
* 6thFowl – Team Referral to Administration for 2 Days of BIP

** All Fowls dropped at end of 4 ½ weeks coinciding with the distribution of Progress Reports – students begin with a clean slate every 4 ½ weeks

Important Policies

Rockingham County Public School policies and expectations for student conduct are outlined clearly in the School Board Policy Manual and the Parent-Student Handbook. Additional information specific to JFHMS expectations and dispensations can be found in the front of student planners in the JFHMS Student Handbook. Please especially take time to review the policies noted below in detail:
  • Use of Student-Owned Electronic Devices (Policy JZK)- Parent-Student Handbook pages 18-20
  • Dress Code (Policy JFCJ)- Parent-Student Handbook pages 46-49
  • Attendance Policy (Policy JED)- Parent-Student Handbook pages 12-18

How You Can Help JFHMS

DONATIONS are an easy way that YOU can help, at any time during the year! Anytime you see a "buy one get one free" offer, or a great discount or coupon on any of these items, please keep us in mind!

These items are always appreciated by all teachers:
Boxes of tissues
bottles of hand gel
containers of disinfectant wipes
dry erase markers

The Band is always glad to receive donations of black dress pants and black dress shoes, to help students dress appropriately for concerts. We gladly accept black pants (no denim) in sizes Youth 8 through adult plus sizes, for both guys and girls. We also appreciate donations of black dress shoes (no sneakers) in sizes Youth 5 through Adult 10.

Cafeteria and Food Services

Click Here to view and print the Hawks Cafe Menus.​

The link below will take you to the Rockingham County Food and Nutrition website that lists nutritional and allergy information.



Toni Custer-Manager


Stephanie Fink

Judy Mongold

Rachael Schmidt

Debbie Shoemaker

Cris Drown

In School Lunch Information

Due to an amazing grant, the Hawks Café staff will be able to serve FREE meals to ALL students for the 2020-2021 school year! Each day FREE breakfast and lunch will be served to all students in the building. In addition to those meals, students are eligible to receive FREE breakfast and lunches to take home for the days they are not in school. Details will be communicated to students on pick up times before they load buses.

Meal Pick-Up Information

Meal pick-ups will continue at JFH for the remainder of the school year. At JFH, parents have the option for in school student to take home meals for the days they are not in school before getting on the bus. Parents may also still come by on the pick-up days if they prefer their student to not take home meals on the bus. They may pick up meals for all of their children regardless of the school they attend. Any virtual or homeschooled students is still eligible to come pick-up for all days. This program is for anyone 18 years and below. The pick-up time at JFH is on Monday and Thursday from 3:30-5:30 pm. Please park in the bus loop and enter through the cafeteria door. We will prepare the meals you request with your milk and juice choice. DO NOT come before 3:30!! We will still have buses and parent pick-up prior to 3:30. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter!

Please contact Beth Fiske with any questions regarding school meals bfiske@rockingham.k12.va.us.


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