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Meat Market

Japan has been the most active of the traditional whaling nations to use the scientific research provision of the international treaty on whaling to continue killing the marine mammals and retain a market for their meat

. Japan has taken more than 13,000 whales since the start of the moratorium, saying its research can only be conducted by lethal means.


Seven out of the thirteen whale are endangered in the world.im not saying the whaling industry is the only reason they are endangered but killing them isn't helping.

Japanese whaling


These whales are being slaughtered for no reason,there is no data for the killings.The company's ship has research but where's the data?

Whaling numbers

Japan has killed 8,201 minke whales in the Antarctic for “scientific purposes” since the moratorium in 1986. A total of 840 whales were killed by Japan under special permit during the 31 years before the moratorium.

Japan took a total of 866 whales in 2006/07 season:

3 Southern Hemisphere fin whales,

508 Southern Hemisphere minke whales,

197 North Pacific minke whales,

51 North Pacific Brydes whales,

101 North Pacific sei whales,

6 North Pacific sperm whales.

Norway broke the moratorium in 1993 and resumed commercial whaling. Since

then they have taken over 6,879 minke whales under objection.

(Stats provided by WWF)

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Whale War Captain (Captain of Bob Barker)

"I felt that there was a need for an interventionist organization. I was tired of protesting. I'm actually totally apposed to protesting. It's sort of like "please, please don't kill the whales."
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