Marine Archaeologist

Ashley Gray

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Tasks and Duties

~Surveying sites: field walking, geophysical surveys, aerial photography

~Working at excavation sites as a team member

~Project managing at excavation sites

~Recording sites: drawings, notes, photography

~Analyzing finds by grouping, identifying, and classifying

~Using computers to create simulations of sites and artifacts

~Cleaning and preserving finds

~Conducting lab tests and research on artifacts

~Writing site reports and communicating findings


~Salaries vary based on experience level, location, and size of organization you are representing.

~Starting Salary: $22595-$23816

~With Experience: $33145-$45838

~Max Salary: $41599-$45838


~A Masters or Doctorate in marine, maritime, or underwater archaeology.

~Only 15 universities in the world offer these programs.

~Some of those schools are: the University of Rhode Island, East Carolina University, and ~Florida University.

Skills Required

~Communication skills




~Analytical skills




~Computing Skills

Additional Training

~Training in conservation and protection

~Training in human and animal bone analysis

Work Hours

~Average of 37 hours per week (Monday-Friday)

~Sometimes weekends

Amount of Physical Activity

~Some physical activity is required when on a site such as swimming and lifting things

Working Conditions

~Outdoors while working at sites

~Indoors for lab and computer work

Interests or Personality Qualities

~Love of history

~Love for conservation of artifacts

~Enjoys being at sea (outside and in a lab on a ship)

Specific Education Programs

~East Carolina University specializes in Marine Archaeology

~Masters in archaeology, ancient history, anthropology, conservation, and heritage management are recommended

Current Employment Trends

~Between the years 2014 and 2024 it is expected that there will be a growth rate of 4%, lower than the average and most other occupations


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