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Live On-Air Myeloma Support Group Meeting

Myeloma Support Group Meeting on Wednesday 28 AUGUST 2013 @ 6pm ET.

Cure Panel Talk Show is conducting its LIVE ON-AIR MYELOMA SUPPORT GROUP MEETING on Wednesday, 28 August @ 6pm ET.

Pat Killingsworth and Matt Goldman would be discussing:

Treatment Extremes: Comparing and contrasting different treatment options.

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Support Group Meeting Leaders

Pat Killingsworth

Pat Killingsworth Myeloma Beacon columnist and blogger, Pat was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in April 2007 at age 51. Pat is an author of four myeloma books Pat’s books include, Living with Multiple Myeloma, Stem Cell Transplants-A Patient’s Perspective, and New Multiple Myeloma Therapies, and Financial Aid for Myeloma Patients and Caregivers. To book your copy of Pat's latest book, click here. Pat also maintains two blogs, Living with Multiple Myeloma and Help with Cancer.

Matt Goldman

Matt Goldman was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in May, 2011 at the age of 49. With the help of his team of doctors, he has achieved partial remission and is currently in a maintenance phase of treatment. He had his stem cells collected in December, 2011, but has no current plans to undergo a stem cell transplant. His two primary doctors are Dr. James Berenson and Dr. Vu Phan. Matt is a land use planner for the Port of Long Beach. He is recently married and enjoys spending time with his dog and on his bike. He has a blog that documents his journey, and is also on twitter at @mpg61.

Live On-Air Myeloma Support Group Meeting @ 6pm EST

Wednesday, Aug. 28th 2013 at 6pm

This is an online event.

Myeloma Support Group Leaders will answer myeloma questions by registered participants. All callers can listen in to the support group meeting.

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Myeloma Support Group Meeting Format

  • 6.00 pm - Conference call starts.
  • 6.01 pm - Moderator welcomes support group meeting leaders.
  • 6.02 pm - Leaders introduce themselves.
  • 6.17 pm - The meeting is opened up for callers.
  • 6:59 pm - Moderator thanks co-host, panelists, and participants.
  • 7.00 pm - Call comes to an end.

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