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Applause IT innovation

Company address:

1 Victoria Square, Birmingham B11BD

Contact details:

0121 285 3615

Job role:

C#.NET, SQL Systems Developer

Author name:

Tim Morris

Key skills


  • Programming knowledge (c#, SQL).
The above skill would be important as it is focused on the exact things the employer wants this skill is required for the employee to work so they are specific to the role the employee will be doing. As the job is development with certain program languages the above languages will be useful to the employee. The listed skill contains two of the three required in the job description this means they are more required than the third.


  • Good written skills,
  • Problem solving,
  • Critical thinking.
The skills listed above are important these general skills because they are good for this job and generally useful in life as well as the employment of this job. Good written skills are important as they mean the employee can produce well written reports and plans on the software they are developing. Problem solving skills are important as if something goes wrong in the software coding the employee needs to find and solve the problem.


  • Focused,
  • Innovative,
Being focused means once you start a task you keep on it without getting distracted by other things therefore tasks should be completed quicker and more efficiently this is key because programming is a long laborious task so you could easily be distracted. innovative is good for programming because you experiment with more types of code try to push the limits make things better and make new code this will impress the employer.