How to survive a zombie invasion



You would need a tent,weapons,flashlight,food,water,shield,vehicle,and some protection

Survival Guide Review

I read a comic and it was a survival guide and it didn't have anything in common because it was a comic/guide to survive but it was really good. They plan to survive by going to a CDC building but a zombie is there he falls and hits his head and wakes up or does he ?

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I give a Rating of 9/10

Rating for Rocky Mountains

description: The rocky Mountains stretch across Alaska to New Mexico and it's taller younger then the Appalachian Highlands. They are the Mountains that make the Continental divide.

Rating: 4/10

Rocky Mountains

Explantion: The Rocky Mountains are pointy and zombies can't climb very good so you can push them of , and it has a high distance from the ground
How do you decide where to go in a zombie apocalypse? - David Hunter

Rating for Great Plains

Description:They have flatland they know for fry grassland and common for tornados

Rating: 8/10

Great Plains

Explanation: It's very close to the Rocky Mountains. They are flat so you could run or ride a bike to get over it faster then running. You could see how far they are from you they might be close or not even close. If you run north you'll get closer to your next place.

Rating for Canadian Shield

Description: It surrounds the Hudson Bay and the Great lakes. There hills where erosion. Carved hundreds of lakes

Rating: 6/10

Canadian Shield

Explanation: The Canadian Shield is a very smooth place it looks like a horseshoe or a shield a it's a very big place to run setup a tent to sleep and not as rugged as the Rocky Mountains