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The magical bracelet that will improve your daily habits!


  • The wristband that will act as your personal assistant to maintain your balance on health.
  • The wristband helps you develop better daily habits through records.
  • The wristband keeps tract of your health plan along with you.
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The purpose of this product is to convince more people to use a recording device to keep tract of their daily habits. People are unconscious when it comes to their bad habit developments. It is important to discourage people in maintaining harmful habits that could possibly create more health damage than good. The point to encourage the wide public about this product is to prevent more unaware people from ignoring about person habits. The technology device tracts down your health conditions including your exercising schedule, sleeping schedule, and eating schedule. It gathers all information such as BMI, food nutrient values, and blood pressure. By introducing this device to the public, people can be benefited from all of the features in Up Wristband.

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