Christadelphian Bible School August 19th - 24th, 2013


Welcome to our NEW location!

God willing, this year's Bible School 2013 will convene at Lakefield College School, near the picturesque community of Lakefield, Ontario. This facility features a quiet rural atmosphere with beautiful character filled buildings and a wide variety of indoor and outdoor facilities.

A week of engaging activities focused on God's Word:

  • Daily Family Bible Readings - Each day begins with an introduction to each of the daily Bible readings and discussion. Bible readings quizzes are available for the children.
  • Young Adult Classes - This program focuses on the challenges that our young people face today with practical strategies from God's word.
  • Adult Classes - Rich analysis and thought provoking presentations designed to provide us with spiritual nourishment and opportunity to reflect.
  • Children's Program - two one hour classes, including crafts and bible focused lessons. A snack is provided between classes.
  • Evening Classes - Appropriate for all age groups, this program provides consideration of topics including: Ecclesial Life around the world, Outreach and Bible Prophecy. One of the Evening classes is a Musical praise presentation.
  • Choral Program - Choirs for children ages 5-12, teens age 13-18 and adults.
  • An Extensive Sports & Leisure Program - Provided in the afternoon and evening, organized sports including volleyball, basketball, football, tennis and floor hockey and much more! Refer to the complete facilities list below to see what other options will be provided!
  • Social Time & Community Building: Organized events such as evening socials, teen devotionals, musical praise and the Mary & Martha tea are examples of elements that are incorporated to encourage communication and friendship building.
  • Community Meals - Whole group community meals in a private dining room.

This Year's Speakers

Brother John Launchbury

Adult Class - "The Spirit is willing the flesh is weak"

Teen Class - "First Century Ecclesias - Addressing the Needs of Believers"

Brother Ron Waye

Adult Class - "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand"

Teen Class - "The 'GPS' to life and to the Kingdom"


Residence & Classroom

  • Most units are situated in two floor residence dorms with shared bathrooms.
  • Each room has 2 single beds. Families will share 2-4 units (there are about 10 units per floor).
  • A common room equipped with a comfortable seating area is provided in each residence.
  • Meals will be served in a private dining hall with buffet style meals.
  • There is a beautiful sun filled chapel for group meetings and adult classes.
  • Modern well-equipped classrooms for children's and teen's classes.


  • Full Gymnasium with equipment
  • Canoeing (lifejackets provided)
  • Lake swimming
  • Tennis Courts
  • Outdoor Basketball Court
  • Ropes Course (Set hours with an instructor)
  • Climbing Wall (Set hours with an instructor)
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Trail Walks
  • Hobbit Woods with Treehouse adventure area.
  • Large Outdoor Fields

If you would like to learn more about the Lakefield facilities, please visit their youtube channel at this link.

Registration Process - DEADLINE AUGUST 1st

*** Please note that the final date to register for the Bible School is August 1st. Registrations received after this date will go on a waiting list. In the event of vacancies, names on the waiting list will be contacted.***

Tuition rates have been maintained this year at a reduced level to help make the school more accessible to everyone - particularly to families with children age 18 and under. Additional Donations would be gratefully accepted.

Plan ahead and save for Bible School by budgeting!! If you plan to attend NFCBS at Lakefield 2013 decide how much you can save per week and begin saving when you register for Bible School. Some save a “toonie” per day to pay for their tuition – others save a certain amount per week. Alternatively, if you begin your saving plan in May, 2013 figure out how much money you will need for tuition and divide that amount by the number of weeks until Bible School.

If you cannot afford the full tuition but can pay part of it contact Bruce or Barb Abel. There is financial assistance available for people who want to attend but need assistance with the full tuition cost. This may include seniors, students or those currently unemployed.

Rate for Day Visitors: Please contact Bruce Abel ( for further details.

Please review the rules & regulations for this Bible School before registering.

Please use this link to complete the online Registration Form. Complete the form and then print a copy to include with your deposit information. If the registration has been successful, you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. The email will give you further information about your total bill, mailing information for payment (minimum $50 deposit) and the location of the school.


For further information, please contact the Bible School registrars:

Bruce & Barb Abel