Chapter 10

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10.1- Area=^2 : Volume=^3: LABELS: cm,m,ft,in

Areas of parallelograms

Height- is a measure of a polygon or solid figure, taken as a perpendicular from the base of the figure and trapezoids

Base- or radix is the number of different digits that a system of counting uses to represent numbers


Areas of a Circle
Area of a circle


Prism- 2 congruent bases that lie in parallel planes. another sides are rectangles

Pyramid-1base. all the other sides are triangles.

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Surface area of prisms and cylinders.
Algebra Man - Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders


Surface areas of pyramids and cones

Surface area=Area of base+Number of triangles*area of each triangle

Surface Area of a Pyramid
Surface Area Of A Cone -


volumes of prisms and cylinders

volume-the amount of space that a substance or object occupies, or that is enclosed within a container, especially when great

Volume of Prism and Cylinders


Volumes of pyramids and cones


Volume and surface area




Parallelogram area- A=bh

Trapezoid area-A=1/2(b1+b2)h

Circle area-A=pi*r^2

Surface area of prism-SA=2B +Ph

Surface area of a cylinder-SA=2B+Ch : SA= 2*pi*r^2+2*pi*r*h

Surface area of a pyramid-SA=B+1/2Pl

Surface area of a cone-SA=Pi*r^2+pi*r*l

Volume of a prism-V=Bh

Volume of a cylinder-V=Bh : V=Pi*r^2*h

Volume of a pyramid-V=1/3*B*h

Volume of a cone-V=1/3*B*h : V=1/3*pi*r^2*h

Volume of a sphere-V=4/3*pi*r^3

Surface area of a sphere-SA=4*pi*r^2