Andrew Jackson:Good Guy or Bad Guy?

By: Devin Gims

Andrew Jackson

This guy was really President. He just looks like a total jerk, and he was
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Indian Removal Act

Jackson didn't like the Native Indians, he ordered troops to take the Indians to reserves out of state because gold was discovered in their land,even though Jackson didn't like the Indians he wanted he still wanted to move them,but it was Oklahoma and that is nowhere near to what their home in Georgia.

Nullification Crisis

Jackson put two tariffs on the South and South Carolina refused to the tariffs and Jackson met with a man and they made the "Force Bill" which forces South Carolina to pay the tariffs,South Carolina refused again and Henry Clay ( Jackson's Vice President) lowered the tariffs as an option and another option was to face Jackson himself; South Carolina picked too lower the tariff: Everyone was happy.

Killing the National Bank

Jackson didn't like the National Bank because he thought it was only pursued wealthy men. When it was time for the bank's renewal he used to power to veto to get rid of the bank. Jackson was really happy that that bank was vetoed because it wasn't treating people the same.

Political Cartoon

Jackson overused his power and was trying to be like a king and wanted to be treated like one but he wasn't one. He forced Indians out or their homes, Put tariffs on the south, and wanted to get things that he wanted. He got some of them.

Cherokee Letter

I'm a Cherokee and i hate Jackson because he forced us out of our home and took gold out of ourland.

Factory Worker

I like Jackson because he put a Tariff on imported goods and that is good for us and our jobs because he get more pay.