Module 7 mastery assigment 1

short law story

The aquarium

One day there was a cute young lady, her name was Chloe. She was usually a good girl who stayed at home and made good grades but one day she met a boy at school, he was wild and crazy and she thought it was awesome. Chloe started talking to him and figured out his name was Cameron. Chloe and Cameron became the best of friends but with their friendship came trouble and mischief; Chloe started to sneak out late at night with Cameron to go mess around and play pranks. She was the common sense and he was the mastermind behind all their silly pranks. One night Cameron called Chloe and said he had the best prank idea ever and that she had to come now! Chloe told Cameron she couldn’t because finals were coming up and she couldn’t fail her senior year so he told her he’d go without her then! The next day she woke up with many texts from Cameron saying “oh no I shouldn’t have done this without you” “I think I saw someone” “dang I’m going to get caught” “please help” and “I’m caught idk what’s going to happen to me now… bye Chloe”. She flipped out and drove to Cameron’s house to see what happened. His mom told her “he tried to break into the aquarium and got caught and was arrested” his dad said “this may put a misdemeanor on his permanent record”. Chloe went home and worried about if Cameron was going to be okay. Later that day Cameron called Chloe telling her how his bail is $400 and that the grand jury made an arraignment for his court date to be next Friday. They talked for as long as they could and he told her that he got a Subpoena to make sure he was at his court date and that he was scared he might have a harsh indictment for breaking and entering. Chloe knew Cameron’s family was low on money so they would have to have a public defender for his case. On Wednesday his public defender came to his house and they talked about how his court date may go. He told him he could either make a plea bargain deal and slightly lower your sentence or go on with the trial but no matter what he could not lie on the stand because that was a perjury and could get him even more trouble. On Friday at the trial they called in the prosecutor, the aquarium owner and his lawyer, then the defendant, Cameron and his public defender. They all sat in their seats and the petit jury all sat down. A whisper rushed over the room and then we all stood for the judge to enter. After we all sat the prosecutor called up witnesses and questioned them and then the defender questioned witnesses and asked Cameron questions. It all seemed to unravel and it came out that Cameron was indeed guilty. The jury went off to vote and came back to give their verdict; Cameron is convicted of breaking and entering and has 60 hours of public service and they decided there would be no appeal so court was adjourned and life went on but, over time you saw Cameron change and he stop being so mischievous and pulling pranks. We all think he learned his lesson.

my short law story!