Takoma Park Elementary School


May 21, 2023

Parent Resources from the May 11th Parent Meeting

During the parent meeting last week, parents shared the need to have the resources from the meeting shared with the entire school population. Please use the link below to access the resources from the meeting.

Parent Resources

Parent Input for Classes for Next Year

As we plan for next year's classes, we would like your input. Please complete the TPES Parent Input Form to tell us about your child. Use the link below to access the form. We will have paper copies available in the office for anyone who prefers a paper copy. The form will be accepting responses until June 1, 2023. After June 1, 2023, responses will no longer be accepted.

Parent Input Form

Parent Meeting: Classes for Next School Year & Anti-Racist Audit Results

Many parents are wondering how classes are formed and teachers assigned. During this meeting we will share the process and rationale for making classes for first through third grades. The results from the survey parents and staff completed on the Anti-Racist culture at TPES will be shared during the meeting as well. The meeting will be held on May 23rd at 7 p.m. The meeting will be virtual with the Zoom link sent on the afternoon of May 23rd. Spanish and Amharic translation will be available.


This is an assembly for our students that is one of many gifts from our PTA. The assembly is based on the South Indian dance style Kuchipudi, which is inherently a dance drama form. The dancers will introduce Kuchipudi to the students as comprising three main elements: 1) rhythm and footwork, 2) hand gestures, and 3) facial expressions, all three of which combine to tell stories through dance. The assembly will be shared with the students on the morning of May 24, 2023.

Second Grade Musical Performance May 25th, at 7:00 p.m.

Takoma Park Elementary School 2nd Graders present Colors of the World Thursday May 25th 7pm Takoma Park Middle School.

Flyer for the Second Grade Performance

A Fond Farewell

Dear TPES staff and families,

It has been an amazing experience spending the past two years at Takoma Park Elementary School. I have learned so much working with such amazing colleagues! I am so grateful for all the support from TPES staff, parents, and my lovely students during my time here. Next year I will be teaching 2nd grade at Bel Pre Elementary School. Please do not hesitate to reach out in the future-I am only an email away!


Ariel Tumin


From Ms. Alvarez

TPES, I want to thank you for welcoming me with open arms. It has been a privilege to have started my teaching career in such a supportive environment. After 7 years here, I have decided to transfer to a school closer to home, in which I will continue to be a Special Education teacher. I will never forget the experiences I had working here. I know Takoma Park will continue to be a place with great initiatives and immense learning opportunities.

All the best,

Ms. Alvarez

Cell Phone watches/ Personal Mobile Devices (PMDs)

Students may NOT use cell phone watches or PMDs during school. We have seen a serious increase in the number of students who bring phone watches and PMDs to school. They have become a distraction for the PMD owner and other students.

According to MCPS Policy:

Elementary school students may use PMDs before and after the student day. Elementary school students are not permitted to use PMDs during instructional periods, lunch periods, or between classes/during transitional time. Personal Mobile devices CANNOT be used during the school day unless previously arranged and written as an accommodation on an Individual Education Plan or a 504 Plan. They must be stored away during the school day.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their PMDs are turned off and kept out of sight during times of unauthorized use. There are no authorized times for use in elementary school. Students are responsible for ensuring that their PMDs are managed securely at all times.

MCPS monitors and reserves the right to investigate all PMDs and PMD activity on the MCPS network.

PMDs may be confiscated by school authorities if they are used in a manner inconsistent with Montgomery County Board of Education policies or MCPS regulations or rules

Principals may temporarily suspend the use of PMDs on MCPS property if they are used in a manner inconsistent with this or other Board policies, MCPS regulations, or rules.

In accordance with the Student Code of Conduct in MCPS, information may not be communicated using a PMD if it violates the privacy of others, jeopardizes the health or safety of students, is obscene or libelous, causes disruption of school activities, plagiarizes the work of others, or is a commercial advertisement.

Any student who violates this regulation will be subject to disciplinary action, in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct in MCPS.

It is not the desire of the school staff to confiscate cell phone watches or PMD but that may happen if students continue to use them during the school day. TPES will respond as follows:

  • First offense-cell phone or PMD will be taken until the end of the day-parent called
  • Second offense- cell phone or PMD will be taken until a parent can pick it up
  • Third offense- cell phone or PMD is no longer allowed at school for the remainder of that school year.

There will be no exceptions to this practice.

MCPS will assume no responsibility or liability for loss, theft, or damage to a device or for the unauthorized use of any such PMD.

Annotated Code of Maryland, Education Article, ยง7-308; Code of Maryland Regulations, 13A.08.01.14

Head Lice

We are experiencing high numbers of head lice incidents at TPES. Please see the attached letter containing information on managing head lice.

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First Grade

Second Grade

Arts Team

Parent Meeting: Anti-racist Audit Results & The Making of Classes

Tuesday, May 23rd, 7pm

This is an online event.

KALANIDHI DANCE Troop Performance

Wednesday, May 24th, 9:30am

7511 Holly Avenue

Takoma Park, MD

Second Grade Musical

Thursday, May 25th, 7pm

7611 Piney Branch Road

Takoma Park, MD

School Closed

Monday, May 29th, 9am

7511 Holly Avenue

Takoma Park, MD