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Media Literacy

Media Literacy today consist of Stereotypes in a negative fashion. "The Media" prior purpose has been to help us communicate and get in touch with what’s happening in our world today. The 21st century has been advancing at a tremendous speed and is still adding up. The media can be scary; society has begun to take control over it and we all know our world isn’t the same as it was ten years ago nor will it be ten years from now. The media can expose us to cyberbully, thefts and many other dangers. This has given an advantage to these kind of people since it now became much easier to access victims. Children has been able to access media at an extremely young age which only risks them even more. Social media is yet the biggest one to slowly kill our world. Anything we once put on the internet is there forever one way or another and weather you know it or not it can harm one in the long run. In our world we may not be able to completely erase the damage done to people on a daily basic but we certainly have increased the numbers. We may think we are only having fun or just bored not knowing the dangers we are actually entering. One knows their wrongs from rights but as a young one, guides are mandatory for the safety of themselves and loved ones along with them. Media literacy must open our lives for we never know, it may end it.

Social Media


Technology making people or a business share information. Social Media plays a role in anyone who able to access it. It’s meant for entertainment but just like everything else in our lives, it has pros and cons. A regular teen may not even know the danger behind it. Most accounts have an age limit which young people tend to ignore. These age requirements are for specific reasons and safety. Social Media has power, we don’t realize. It’s a rubix cube we get involved in without having an ending or a solution. Hackers, robbers, anyone can get your information as easy as looking at your profile. One of the biggest mistakes in when we go on vacation. Since on vacation it is so much fun and no worries on our mind at the moment, we post picture on Facebook, twitter or even Snapchat. This lets anyone with internet access no one is home which will highly increase the possibilities of getting robbed. It’s interesting being able to learn both sides of the topic knowing the danger as well as the advantages. A lot of the times family members use it to be able to keep up to date with each other without physically being present in every event, especially when everyone lives miles away from each other. It can also be a powerful source for a business or even protesting. Many sites include where a business is and since it’s on social media it gives the opportunity for people to comment on whether it’s recommended, good service or negative comments. Many protesters will start a page online in order to make it easier to spread the word making it accessible for all. After that point it’s up to the viewer to take part or not to. Another key thing is to be able to stay up to date with what is going on around us. For an example. Immigration is a big problem today and ICE officers were knocking on doors to be able to deport them without knowing they don’t have the right to enter without a warrant and are not forced to open.

Super Bowl Precis

In the commercial "puppy monkey baby" Mountain dew exagerates how Mountain Dew kickstart is the perfect drink or millennial men with its 3 best qualities being dew, juice, and caffeine all in one . Mountain Dew illuminates and broadens the drink by comparing it to the best three things in life being puppies, monkeys, and babies as one whole character. A puppy headed, half monkey half baby walks in and offers the drink to these men, as soon as they drink some music plays and dance moves are combined to have a good time . Mountain Dew was reaching for middle aged men who want to have fun but not necessarily drink alcohol in order to do it in a creative manner.

Donald Trump

Comparing the wanted border wall with Mexico to the wall of china

"The Great Wall of China, built 2,000 years ago, is 13,000 miles (long)."

Donald Trump have several points that stand out for his campaign one of them being building a wall between Mexico and the United States. He validates the points comparing the wall to the great wall of china stating this wall was built two thousand years ago and is thirteen thousand miles long. According to Politifact although these statements are true, it is far more complicated than that. The great wall of china was built with several years before it was complete and it took almost every dynasty to complete. Trump stated "the wall is not contagious", china is constantly puffing up the wall solely for the benefit of tourism. "The wall never worked" the wall didnt do what it was suppose to; it did not stop the mongols and the manchus from crossing. In the mother Jones magazine it states the great wall didn't do what it was originally made for, it was enormously costly, and it caused a great amount of suffering among those who built it. The United States would be attracting more attention to the country and tourist would want to visit on a daily which gives them the opportunity to stay in the country even longer.

Donald 9/11

The wives of the 9/11 hijackers "knew exactly what was happening" and went back to Saudi Arabia two days before the attacks to watch their husbands on television flying the planes. — Donald Trump on Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 in a GOP debate hosted by Fox

Viewing the debates though out time and as they keep increases Donald trump seems less educated than any other candidates. As i view through politifact i see a lot of the topics regarding Donald trump add up the be false and even pants on fire more than the truth ones many half true. I don't see how american citizens have come to mostly vote for someone who doesn't even know what hes talking about. This makes me realize what humanity has become. On the topic of 9/11 Trump says those who were suicide bombers had families that knew what they were doing and watched their own family fly into the twin towers. According to politifact this is false, the hijackers did not have wives, girlfriends, or family. Although it is unclear where they were, they sure weren't living in the United States. Donald Trump argues that the hijackers had families that were fully aware of what was about to happen in times square and were sent back which was just proven not to have any families along with them. Most of Bin Laden's family was in high school or college in the United states and they were sent back to Saudi Arabia. It sounds logical that this is what Donald is talking about.

Are we a nation of Proles?

Throughout the class of media literacy we have studied dystopian societies and it relates so much to our world today we don’t even realize, and it makes us question if we are leading into this type of society today, or if were already in one. We live today on a schedule doing the same things every day, working to live and slowly dying. This quote relates to us in the manner how we really do everything as a routine. To a normal citizen it’s not even noticeable because we are not all educated on dystopias and see how much we can actually relate today. A major key that has managed to control us is the media. Social Media tells us what to upload weather it being pictures, hashtags, or even a quick phrase that’s crossing our mind. The media is always telling us who the good artists are which makes us determine what to listen to. How to look, what to wear, what brands to use and even what people are actually famous. Even talentless like the Kardashian but the media says they’re important and we tend to simply listen and become fans. We criticize how Cuba and North Korea are a dictatorship and massively controlling but do they even know it? North Koreans are not even exposed to the world outside that country and what the government tells them is what they go by. Outside their walls we know the truth and that they are being lied to but what about our walls? How can we be sure we aren’t being controlled or listened to by mini teliscreens hidden within our home? The media plays a major roles with our choices that we make on a daily basis; they tell us what to wear, whee to eat, who to listen to, who to watch on tv and even what ideal beauty is, what we should look like or aim to be like. Technology has increased at an incredible rate and it will only keep growing. Will things get worse? Will we develop an app to tell us specifically what to order at a café and what time to go to bed? All these questions make me question my own government and if were actually as free as they make us seem. Humans are not meant to be perfect in the world but sometimes I question is were just a science experiment with others experimenting how manipulative we can become. It terrifies me to even think of further generations and to what they’ll have to deal with. The media as well as technology has changed and will change and a higher speed and if we keep letting the media make decisions for us we won’t be able to decide for ourselves which makes us unthinkable. Eventually thinking wont even be necessary is we have everything answered for us and told what we like and dislike. Maybe this is just since our world is upgrading at a faster speed than ever imagined or maybe this is what the government and slowly taking over our brains for bigger plans.


The French revolution well took place in France during the years of 1789-1799. It was radical social and political upheaval in both French and European history. The French revolution was the end of the monarchy that had been ruling France for the past couple of years. It was an epic transformation that France went through. Old ideas about hierarchy and tradition over taken to new Enlightenment principles of citizenship and inalienable rights. The French Revolution began in 1789 with the convocation of the Estates-General (Listverse.) Estates-General was a meeting with representative of each group was called to solve political crisis. Charles Alexandre de Calonne (1734-1802), proposed a financial reform package that included a universal land tax from which the privileged classes would no longer be exempt which was the reason of having the Estates-general. All of this was after the country was left in bankruptcy after its involvement in the American Revolution.

France’s population had changed considerably since 1614. The non-aristocratic members of the Third Estate now represented 98 percent of the people but could still be outvoted by the other two bodies. In the lead-up to the May 5 meeting, the Third Estate began to mobilize support for equal representation and the abolishment of the noble veto–in other words, they wanted voting by head and not by status. The wave of revolutionary fervor and widespread hysteria quickly swept the countryside. Revolting against years of exploitation, peasants looted and burned the homes of tax collectors, landlords and the seigniorial elite. Known as the Great fear this inspired the National Constituent Assembly to abolish feudalism on August 4, 1789, signing what the historian Georges Lefebvre later called the “death certificate of the old order” (History.)What marked the end of the French revolution was when Napoleon Bonaparte appointed himself first consul. Now it was the start of the Napoleonic era in which France would dominated most of Europe.

We can compare the Arab uprising to the French revolution since it was a change in power and others countries followed. This is what had made the French revolution powerful since it lead to the overthrow of the monarchy just like many Arab nations. After the revolution many people saw the truth and knew they did the right movement.


Although my personal thoughts on social media haven’t changed I’ve learned to view it from different perspectives, and put myself in others shoes. Media Literacy has been the most unique class I’ve taken throughout high school because it has taught me so much. I’ve become more interested in the world and keeping myself up to date, wanting to know what’s going on around me in my own planet. I’ve learned how dystopian our world is becoming, how social media makes us less social, and takes over controlling us to the point that now we can’t survive without technology, we depend on it. Social media can be the worse or the best depending on how cautious we are and the ordinary human is very incautious without even trying. This class has opened my eyes and twisted things on social media. I’ve learned how to use it to educate yourself and not simply updating photos on what you had for dinner last night. Ive also learned how the government wants to take away our privacy thoughout, could this be true? Are we the next North Korea? Or are we the real North Korea? I leave this class with a million Questions but in the best way I could have expected, I’ve become curious, due to this class I will forever maintain myself informed and start with myself for changing things as how they should be. Witch actually ended being the opposite as when I first walked In the door, I expected grammer, as ordinary Language arts classes that I’ll be sure to forget within the next few years. I believe there is nothing better to be done in this class in order to be educated, I’m positive every student here walks out informed and will maintain themselves knowing what’s going on. For now I leave it behind and am ready to experience my views on my own, travel, and see things, for my own.

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Can we auto-correct

As social media began to take over it is only working and increasing its power. We not only allow it to but follow its path. Ive had my own friends tell me I had a boring weekend because I didn’t upload anything on snap, when it reality I had the best weekend I forgot I had a phone. We’ve come to the point that if its not posted we even question ourselves if it happened, myself included. I’ve realized that what I upload has drastically changed because I’ve increased my knowledge about it. At the beginning of the semester I posted what I ate, who I saw, what I did, and even how I felt at times. All this while having my loving family and even few friends standing right in front of me. We must learn to cherish those who still care and love us before loving and caring becomes inexistent. All these things we take for granted may one day end if we don’t put a stop to it and physically be social again. Be able to care and admire the moments we spend with those few instead of being concerned about what someone ate last night or what they did instead of living for the moment for one self. Humanity isn’t what it was or should be and it wont continue to be this way unless we bring an end to it. I personally will challenge me and my friends to minimize technology and spend as much time together because we are also running out of time.